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High-Efficiency Washing Machines

What Are High-Efficiency Washing Machines?

When you go shopping for a washing machine you’ll have plenty of options to choose from, many big-name brands build ...

Timer Delay Washing Machine

The Delay Start Timer – What Is It and Do I Need It?

The delay start timer is an unusual feature, it appears on many different electronics including a huge range of washing ...

Permanent-Press Cycle

The Permanent-Press Cycle – What Is It and What Does it Do

The majority of washing machines will feature a permanent-press cycle, this cycle is very useful but not many people know ...

Move your washing machine

How to move your washing machine when moving flat

When moving home it can be a real mission to move your washing machine too. If you’re not entirely sure ...

Vibrating Washing Machine

Vibrating Washing Machine – causes and solutions

A vibrating washing machine can be a source of entertainment or a cause for concern for many. We’ve broken down ...

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