Cooking Appliances, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Cooking appliances are essential and every home will have some form of cooking appliance in them. It could be a huge free-standing cooker with multiple ovens and hobs or it could be a small single cooker.

There is so much variety when it comes to cooking appliances and no two are quite the same and as always I would strongly recommend making sure you read your instructions manual thoroughly. But alongside that, you should check out our collection of articles and guides below.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of helpful and informative articles and guides about cooking appliances of all kinds. So, whatever you use to cook you’ll be sure to find plenty of helpful tips and advice in our collection.

From BBQ grills to ovens and much more! Our collection of articles and guides is sure to be valuable reading for anyone but if your cooking appliance isn’t working correctly then make sure you call in a professional to assist you.

At Repair Aid our professional technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge so will be able to assist you with a variety of repairs. From helpful advice and informative guides to professional repairs at Repair Aid, you’ll find it all.

Siemens Smart Home Connect Oven

Siemens Smart Home Connect Ovens – The Future of Home Cooking

Oven technology is advancing at quite the pace, with manufacturers keen to demonstrate to consumers that their modern appliances come with enough new bells and ...

AEG SenseCook

AEG SenseCook Hobs Deliver Automated Cooking

‘Automated cooking’ feels like an odd term to talk about in 2019. Isn’t that scheduled for 2050? Jokes aside, the reality of these developments are ...

slow cooker

How To Easily Clean A Slow Cooker

Cheap, easy-to-use and a terrific way to make a magic meal out of very little, slow cookers continue to be a constant in kitchens across ...

Whirlpool's smart oven 2019

New Whirlpool smart oven detects type of food being cooked

Over the past decade, the way in which we interact with our home appliances has changed thanks to the advent of smart technology. Our washing ...

The Latest Siemens Oven Range

What To Expect From The Latest Siemens Oven Range

With most ovens having a life expectancy of 10-15 years, we tend to go through a few of them in our lifetime. So when it ...

Halogen Oven

Halogen Ovens – Your Guide to Food Safety

Halogen ovens are considered to be a beneficial way to cook food and enjoy it without having to wait all that long. However, even as ...

Whirlpool built-in gas hobs model AKM 274/IX

Your Guide to Safety – Whirlpool AKM 274/IX Gas Hob Recall

Well, there’s no doubt that Whirlpool is a company you can count on, but at the same time, everyone makes mistakes. A small number of ...

Keep Your Oven Clean During Cooking

How To Keep Your Oven Clean During Cooking

You might be surprised by just how dirty your oven can get during the course of the average day. Even if you only cook one ...

Halogen Oven

Halogen Ovens – Your Guide

The brilliant thing about the world we live in is that technology is always advancing and growing. There’s something new to appreciate every day, and ...

Different Types of Ovens

Your In-Depth Guide To The Types Of Oven

There are four main types of oven and they can come in two different models either gas or electric. The four types you have to ...

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