Cooking Appliances, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Cooking appliances are essential and every home will have some form of cooking appliance in them. It could be a huge free-standing cooker with multiple ovens and hobs or it could be a small single cooker.

There is so much variety when it comes to cooking appliances and no two are quite the same and as always I would strongly recommend making sure you read your instructions manual thoroughly. But alongside that, you should check out our collection of articles and guides below.

In this section, you’ll find a collection of helpful and informative articles and guides about cooking appliances of all kinds. So, whatever you use to cook you’ll be sure to find plenty of helpful tips and advice in our collection.

From BBQ grills to ovens and much more! Our collection of articles and guides is sure to be valuable reading for anyone but if your cooking appliance isn’t working correctly then make sure you call in a professional to assist you.

At Repair Aid our professional technicians have a wealth of experience and knowledge so will be able to assist you with a variety of repairs. From helpful advice and informative guides to professional repairs at Repair Aid, you’ll find it all.

cracked ceramic hob

Can you fix a cracked ceramic hob?

Many people love ceramic hobs and stove tops because of the way that they evenly cook food in an efficient manner versus other types of ...

oven door

A Step-by-step to Fixing Squeaky Hinges on an Oven Door

As time marches on, all of our appliances and white goods invariably run into problems. They aren’t built to last forever – often a decade ...

How to clean your toaster

How to clean a toaster

Most of us like to keep on top of cleaning our kitchens to ensure they are as safe and hygienic as possible. However, there are ...

Baking in a Convection Oven

Important Things to Know About Baking in a Convection Oven

As technology has improved, so to has the ease at which people can bake at home. While convection ovens used to be the exclusive domain ...


A guide to making your microwave last longer

Many of us want to minimise what we spend on our household appliances. However, sometimes microwaves don’t get included in that conversation. While budget models ...

microwave grill

What Is A Microwave Grill

In the UK the term microwave grill might puzzle a few people they might be able to guess what it is after all the name ...

How do steam ovens work?

How Do Steam Ovens Work?

So, what are steam ovens all about? Well, steam has been used to power a wide variety of different appliances from trains to well as ...

oven mistakes

Things You Should Never Do to Your Oven

Every home will have an oven well most of them at least. However, using an oven isn’t always as simple as it might first appear. ...

Are Dual-Fuel Ovens Worth It?

Are Dual-Fuel Ovens Worth It

Dual-fuel is a feature we are seeing included with all kinds of appliances and ovens are no different. But are dual-fuel ovens worth it, when ...

convection oven

The Most Common Questions About Convection Oven Cooking Answered

When it comes to ovens, many people can get a bit confused about what the various terms mean. One, in particular, that can often cause ...

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