Fridges & Freezers, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

A kitchen without a fridge or freezer just isn’t complete, is it? Whether it’s a single unit fridge or freezer or a combo unit the vast majority of homes will have a fridge and freezer won’t they? Or who knows they might even have more than one!

Whatever the amount or type you have in this section you’ll find a wide variety of articles and guides for fridges and freezers. All the information you could need about fridges and freezers is in this section and it’s being updated all the time.

From informative pieces about how to correctly store food and remove smells to helpful guides that look at the different types of appliance and maintenance tips in our collection of articles, you’ll find everything you could need to know about fridges and freezers.

But at Repair Aid, we don’t stop there! We can also help you if your fridge or freezer breaks down or just isn’t working correctly. Our articles are great for advice and tips but sometimes the best option is to call in one of our professional repair technicians.

So, whatever your needs are the Repair Aid team can help! And if you want to find out more about how to make the best of your fridge or freezer be sure to check out some of our fine articles below.

fridge light

Ever wondered why your fridge has a light but your freezer doesn’t?

Life is full of mysteries that come in all shapes and sizes. Some are undoubtedly more important than others – such as wondering where that ...

frost buildup in freezer

A guide to defrosting your freezer

We don’t love it – but we know we’ve all got to do it at some point. Defrosting a freezer can be a tiresome task, ...

LG InstaView Fridge Freezer

What Is LG InstaView

Fridge-freezers have hardly ever been the height of interior decoration. Sure, some look fairly sleek and nice, but mostly they don’t add anything to the ...

moving refrigerator to a new location

How to move a fridge freezer when moving house

When it comes to moving house, there are so many different things to consider. We often think of how we’re going to get our possessions ...

Maximising Fridge Space

How To Increase The Space In Your Fridge (Without Buying A Bigger One)

Whether it’s the Christmas holidays or summer barbeques, when you are playing host to an event, your fridge will quickly fill up making you wish ...

Whirlpool Fresh Control Technology Explained

Whirlpool Fresh Control Technology – Explained For You

Have you ever gone to the fridge only to find that the items inside of it have stopped being fresh? It’s annoying, especially when you’d ...

Frozen Food

The Top Foods You Can and Can’t Freeze

As a society, we’re pretty wasteful. Rather than take the time to look through all of the different options for reusing or storing food, we ...

Fozen food

How Long Will Your Food Last In A Freezer?

When trying to save a few pennies from our weekly shopping bill, we can often look to freezing as a way for us to make ...

Interesting Facts About Freezers

Ten Interesting Facts About Freezers

They quietly hum and get on with their job, but the freezer really is a remarkable contraption. While their designs perhaps undersell their influence on ...

Cleaning your fridge-freezer

Timely tips for cleaning refrigerators and freezers

Cleaning your fridge or freezer does not have to take all day. In fact, you can do it rather quickly once you have established a ...

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