Fridges & Freezers, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

A kitchen without a fridge or freezer just isn’t complete, is it? Whether it’s a single unit fridge or freezer or a combo unit the vast majority of homes will have a fridge and freezer won’t they? Or who knows they might even have more than one!

Whatever the amount or type you have in this section you’ll find a wide variety of articles and guides for fridges and freezers. All the information you could need about fridges and freezers is in this section and it’s being updated all the time.

From informative pieces about how to correctly store food and remove smells to helpful guides that look at the different types of appliance and maintenance tips in our collection of articles, you’ll find everything you could need to know about fridges and freezers.

But at Repair Aid, we don’t stop there! We can also help you if your fridge or freezer breaks down or just isn’t working correctly. Our articles are great for advice and tips but sometimes the best option is to call in one of our professional repair technicians.

So, whatever your needs are the Repair Aid team can help! And if you want to find out more about how to make the best of your fridge or freezer be sure to check out some of our fine articles below.

noisy fridge

Why is My Fridge Noisy

Your fridge can be a great appliance, but if you sat and listened to it all day, you would be surprised at how many noises ...

change your fridge filter

How do you clean the fridge filter

The filter in your fridge is a vital part of the whole appliance, but it is going to need changing occasionally. If it came with ...

defrost food

Learn how to properly defrost food

As with everything we do in the kitchen, there truly is an art to every action that most of us simply haven’t perfected. We tend ...

luxury refrigerator

A guide to selecting the right luxury fridge

Buying a new, luxury fridge can be an exciting prospect – especially if you’ve never owned one before. Chalked full of interesting and useful features, ...

keep food fresh longer

Clever tricks to keep food fresh longer

At the start of the year, many of us set out with resolutions to eat healthier and wiser. While things start off well, our good ...

fridge won't stay shut

Quick fix if your fridge won’t stay shut

When it comes to the kitchen, there are few things more distressing than when a fridge or – more pressingly – a freezer door won’t ...

Time to replace your old fridge-freezer

Is it time to replace your fridge freezer?

When it comes to appliances around the home, not many live as long a life as a fridge freezer. Refrigeration units tend to last a ...

old plastic backed fridge

Why plastic-backed fridges and freezers are dangerous

Whether you’re someone who’s just always looking to make your home safer or you happen to be looking for a good deal when it comes ...

Habits That Are Costing You Money

Fridge Habits That Are Costing You Money

While we officially become adults at 18, it’s not necessarily true that age is the only milestone of where we’re at in life. One such ...

wine fridge

How To Buy A Wine Fridge – Your Guide

Whether you want to call it a wine fridge or cooler the end result is the same, isn’t it? Now a wine fridge is a ...

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