Panasonic Washing Machine – Backed by Porsche?

So it was the goal of Panasonic to create a washing machine that had a European design, but suitable for the Chinese market. Now, we know what you’re thinking – that sounds pretty difficult to accomplish. And for Panasonic, there was a need to find some friends to help them with this challenging task. So they decided it would be best to step back, look at all of the available partners, and pick someone to work alongside. Who did they choose? Porsche. Here at Repair Aid, we’re pretty interested in this, so let’s look at it in more detail.

But why Porsche?

Now, we’re not referring to the carmakers so much as Studio F.A Porsche, who is known for being a premium design team. Their goal was to make something which was not only good looking but also something that was functional.

How Did They Manage It?

Well, to make sure that they came up with the best possible design while at the same time providing a machine which would guarantee a smooth usage.

It began, according to Panasonic, with research into the behaviour of Chinese users. Their results showed that there was a severe issue with ventilation for the washing machine, which was going to need to be addressed to give living spaces the best chance.

Furthermore, they discovered that there was often a problem with mould building up, so the door to the machine needed to stay open when it wasn’t in use. As you can probably imagine, these were all challenges which made creating a new design more tricky than anyone had first conceived.

The Final Product

The final design for the machine incorporated their findings while at the same time creating a unique look and feel. For example, there weren’t many buttons and dials on the device because it was felt that this would allow the best possible chance at a successful cleaning and maintenance of the machine when it wasn’t in use.

The opening for the machine was also heavily modified to comply with what people wanted. The system automatically opens the loading point by two centimetres, which signals the end of the wash but at the same time prevents a mould build up. There was also an interactive display put in to make sure that there were fewer buttons, and the entire machine was made to feel smaller for the sake of aesthetics but didn’t compromise on space.

It’s easy to see that Panasonic completely changed the way they approach construction so that they could adequately answer the needs of the customer. Their system was designed purely to make sure it provided users with exactly what they needed and did not make any compromises when it came to working for a Chinese Market. We at Repair Aid applaud their approach to work and their ethos of adapting to give their best because that’s something we strive to do in our interactions with customers too. As Panasonic concluded, you’re the most critical part of any business.

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