Integrated Washer-Dryers – What do You Need to Know?

An integrated washer-dryer is an exciting machine. It’s not like the others in the sense that it is part of your kitchen, and is affixed behind a door or cupboard. There’s no doubt that this can really help to give your space a sleek and ergonomic look, and for many people, this is exceptionally important. However, like all changes to your kitchen, there are things that you need to know before you think about an integrated system, and we’re going to be covering them here and now.

They Pack a Major Cost

One of the first and most important things which you really must know about the integrated washer-dryer is that it is more expensive than it’s counterparts. While there is, of course, a spectrum which should be observed and considered, you will on average find that the cost is higher. Traditionally, the newer models are also more expensive to fit into the kitchen, and this additional cost must be taken into consideration when planning for a budget.

Choose Your Type

Another consideration for you to think about is that there are two different types of the washer-dryer, the fully or partially integrated. The fully integrated model is one which can be completely hidden behind a door or cupboard, whereas a partially integrated model is one which only partially obscured, and can be viewed even when the door or latch which holds it is closed. The type you select will be entirely up to you, but it’s important to know that there are distinctions which need to be made.

Typically Smaller

It’s important to understand that when dealing with an integrated washer-dryer, you’re going to have a smaller load space to work with. The size of the machine relative to your kitchen space means that you may find yourself with something which can only cope with a smaller load. Unfortunately, this is the price you pay for having an integrated system – they tend to be less reliable than some of their other counterparts when it comes to the size department. However, for many, it is a small cost.

Performance Can Suffer

Now, we’re not usually one to badmouth a product, and so we’re not going to. However, from a factual perspective, these are typically models which do not perform as well as others. They tend to experience more issues when it comes to actually washing and drying clothes, and this can be a significant issue for some. You have to appreciate this particular kind of washer-dryer that they’re possibly going to struggle sometimes, and it’s not recommended for people who demand perfection from their appliances.

Choice Isn’t Abundant

A disappointment for anyone who is looking to get an integrated washer-dryer for themselves is that they will notice that there really aren’t many choices for people to consider when they’re looking around. Options aren’t exceptionally large and it’s easy for people to find themselves stuck between only a handful of options.

This lack of choice can really affect how people view their integrated system. You want the freedom to choose between different options and that’s understandable. However, it’s not always going to be possible and you can see how that might annoy some people. One of the more concerning parts of having this kind of system is that the choice isn’t as broad, so you’ve got to be sure you’re choosing the right system for your needs.

All in all, these are some of the things which you really do need to know when it comes to trying to get an integrated washer-dryer installed into your home. There’s all kinds of different factors which influence how you’ll explore the concept of getting this unique setup for your kitchen, and you need to understand exactly what kind of choice you’re making. Here at Repair Aid, we want customers to feel like they’re getting the information they need. While we’re more than happy to assist you with a wide selection of different things, we also feel that you should be aware of some of the potential challenges you may face when working with this kind of system. Despite the apparent abundance of drawbacks however, this kind of system can be beneficial to you. You would be surprised at the sleek and sophisticated look you’ll get, coupled with a simple way to protect your kitchen from mess. This could definitely be a good choice for any kind of home, albeit one which needs to be considered carefully first.

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