LG’s Latest Washing Champion – The Future We’ve Been Wanting?

Getting all of your clothes into wash can be challenging. When you’ve got so many of them, it can seem like an eternity spent trying to get everything washed and ready to be worn again. However, it doesn’t always have to be this way. When advancements come into play in the field of technology, people find it easier than ever before to complete basic household tasks. So when LG announced their ‘signature‘ washing machine, a lot of people were interested as to what direction they would take. We’ve taken a look into this particular kind of machine, and analysed it to try and see whether this is the future that everyone’s keen to see.

The Machine of the Future

Okay, so. LG has released a new washing machine. They’re exceptionally proud of it, and to be honest, there is a lot to appreciate at first glance. Right off the bat, you can see that LG has solved the problem which was dark clothing and white blending together, or that white shirt you’re so fond of turning a very interesting pink. How have they done this? Well, they’ve installed a setup called the TwinWashMini. It’s a smaller washing machine which sits underneath the main one, giving you devices running at the same time, washing two different types of clothing. Understandably, that’s quite a coveted resource. Instead of having to do one load at a time, you can do two all at once.

LG TwinWash

Now the usefulness of this particular design choice is not limited to just separating your clothing. It also solves the problem of avoiding half-loads or only a handful of small things. When you don’t want to waste time, resources and money, this option is a pretty good one.

Further helping the curb appeal of this particular washing machine is that it makes not a lot of noise. You would presume that having two different systems running at the same time would cause something of a racket, but this isn’t the case. Perhaps the future is full of silent running machines?

Built For the Modern Home

There’s an indication for the modern home. It’s evident from the beginning that this was made to complement the environmentally conscious users of their machines. Because of a more advanced and sophisticated suspension system, this has a better energy efficiency, and it has also been designed to be more durable and long lasting. Now, to be honest, that’s really a forward thinking quality. Here at Repair Aid, we’re accustomed to providing maintenance, and it shows that washing machines and other kinds of technology just aren’t built to last anymore. Everything has been developed to go wrong after a certain period of time, and thus need maintenance or replacing. It’s a vicious cycle, and it’s nice to see that someone like LG have built a washing machine which is more long-lasting.

Scratch and corrosion proof, easy to clean

Other Features and Perks

Now, there’s a couple of other features and perks that you’ve really got to be aware of and appreciate when it comes to this machine. First of all, the noise is reduced as we said by the suspension system, which actually helps to lessen the vibrations made by the entire system. Plus, you’ve got an exceptionally helpful touch interface built right into the system, so you can see what’s going on with your machine whenever you want to. Couple this with a 17-degree angle which has been designed purely for the purpose of easy viewing, and you get something made for the everyday user.

All in all, this is something which has been designed to be as efficient and useful as possible, and we’d say that it shapes up pretty well as an indication of what the future might look like. We’re very excited to see this new system at work and hope that it’ll do everything needed from a futuristic washing machine. It’s not difficult to pick up on the fact that this was designed to challenge some of the most common problems faced by everyday users. Having to separate out and wash clothing one segment at a time can be a challenge and one which many people don’t consider until they’re actually faced with the conundrum for themselves. The new system devised by LG does solve this, however, and it really does make for a unique way of getting your clothes washed and ready to be worn again in an acceptable timeframe. While Repair Aid knows that most machines do require some excellent service at one time or another, we’re also aware this is a good change in design and a positive shift to the future!

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