How Does Ozone Laundry Really Work

Ozone sounds a little sci-fi, doesn’t it? But it’s actually the term used to describe a different kind of textile care. Ozone uses electricity and oxygen in a unique way to replace most of the chemicals you would find in the more standard, traditional laundry washing process.

Ozone is created using electricity and Oxygen and then dissolved in the water of your washing machine. But if you are washing your laundry with Ozone instead of the usual chemicals what changes? There are a number of benefits to using Ozone but one of the biggest is the fact that Ozone washes are much more environmentally friendly.

Ozone washes are also much more cost-effective and can help reduce your energy bills because they reduce the amount of hot water needed. Ozone also reduces the amount of water needed as well and can also help your clothes dry quicker.

Removing the need for as many chemicals can also help alleviate allergies and sensitive skin flare-ups that can occur with the more common chemicals found in more traditional wash cycles. Let’s look at how Ozone laundry washes work in more detail below.

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A More In-Depth Look At Ozone

Ozone laundry is very different from the more traditional washing method, it requires cold water, detergent and of course Ozone to work. With Ozone washes, you remove the need for chemicals like bleach, acids, and alkalis.

While it can’t be denied that these chemicals do aid in the washing process with Ozone you can still achieve high-quality results without the need for them. Ozone works best with cold water as well so it can also help you keep your energy bills down, Ozone oxidises well in cold water so you can get great cleaning results without the need for hot water.

However, you can still use hot water with an Ozone wash as well (as long as it is within a certain temperature) although the point of Ozone is that you can achieve great cleaning results without needing to use it most of the time. With an Ozone wash, you’re changing the fundamental principles of how your washing is done.

In a traditional washing cycle, hot water and other assortment chemicals are used to bring about a high pH which in turn helps create OH Radicals in the water. This is what gets to work cleaning your clothes with an Ozone wash you can achieve similar results with a much lower pH in just cold water.

In a traditional wash, acid is also required to safely neutralise the high pH before the wash cycle is finished. But with an Ozone wash, this again isn’t needed allowing you to rid yourself of the need for many of the commonly seen chemicals in a standard more traditional washing cycle.

One of the best things about Ozone is that it is quite simple in how it works and even a small amount can be very effective. When it’s mixed with some cold water and a small amount of alkali and detergent you can get very powerful cleaning and brightening without the need for hot water and chemicals like chlorine.

This means there is going to be much less energy per wash cycle and you can ensure a more clean and bright end result. Remember to keep an eye on your temperature gauge though as Ozone loses its cleaning power when used in water above 90-degrees.

To conclude our look into how Ozone works let’s take a closer look at the benefits, shall we? The benefits to using Ozone are:

  • A more eco-friendly laundry system
  • A reduced carbon footprint
  • Shorter drying times after the wash cycle is complete
  • It practically eliminated the need for hot water
  • Shorter wash cycles
  • A reduced water footprint
  • The potential for huge labour savings
  • It eliminates the need for many of the chemicals and acids you find in a more traditional wash cycle
  • It can also help extend the life of your linens
  • Ozone laundry systems can be installed very easily in most cases

So, that is a look at how Ozone laundry systems work and the benefits of using one. They are in many ways more simple and straight forward than many people think and do offer some great benefits. If you have an Ozone laundry system in your home or place of business that isn’t working right knowing what to do can be difficult.

So, don’t risk repairs yourself call in the experts at Repair Aid to help! Our engineers are well versed in Ozone laundry systems and we’ll be able to offer high-quality advice and assistance. So, if you need help get in touch today.

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