How To Save Your Floor When The Washing Machine Overflows

Your dishwasher and washing machine can leak for a number of reasons. For example, you may have put too much detergent in the appliance or perhaps a filter is clogged. However, when water starts to seep from a machine, you need to act fast if you want to save your floors from damage. As soon as you notice an overflow, follow these three steps, quickly!

1. Shut off the electricity

If you’re standing in a pool of water, the last thing you want to do is be around live electricity. It is important to shut off the power immediately, for the dishwasher this can be as simple as pressing the cancel button. However, for the washing machine, it may be safer to cut the power at the fuse box. You can switch the power off for your device or shut off the master switch if you are not sure.

2. Get rid of bubbles

You can get rid of the soap suds and foam by shaking salt over the bubbles. This then makes it easier to clean up the water without foam getting in the way.

3. Find a mop

Clear up as much water as possible using a mop and bucket. If possible, move the appliance to mop underneath it. If this isn’t possible (particularly for a dishwasher), then create a barrier with towels to prevent water from going under the machine.

It is important to act quickly when an overflow occurs because water can quickly warp your floor or cause mould to grow.

How To Stop An Overflow From Happening Again

As one of the biggest causes of an overflow is by using too much detergent in the machine, it is important to check how much detergent you should use by reading the product labels. For the dishwasher, you should check that the filter is clear to ensure that water can drain properly.

Still Have A Problem With Overflow?

If an overflow happens again while following this advice, it may be helpful to have a professional inspect the appliance to diagnose the problem. The team at Repair Aid or on hand across London to help determine and fix any problems with your washing machine, dishwasher and any other appliance. Book your visit by Repair Aid online now.

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