Which washing machine uses the least amount of water

In the UK, 2022 was a landmark year in our understanding of the water crises that plague much of the world. It’s something many of us haven’t needed to worry about our whole lives, but droughts hit many of us. From environmental, financial and personal standpoints, it’s something all of us are now paying attention to rather closely.

So finding ways to reduce our water consumption is certainly very appealing. One of the ways we can do that is by being selective about our next washing machine purchases. Newer models are becoming more and more efficient in the use of water and come with the boon of saving money, water and the environment. We know there are a lot of options out there so follow our quick guide to help ensure you pick the right washing machine for you.

Front loaders versus top loaders

Top-loading washing machine work by having your clothes float in water; whereas front-loading washing machines work by continually picking the clothes up and dropping them in the water. This process, as you can imagine, ensures the front-loaders are far more efficient as they use less water – in some cases, up to 70% less water.

There is, however, a catch – front loaded washing machines have longer cycles. So as long as you can manage your washing schedule, and don’t mind more of a wait on your dry clothes, front-loaders are the way to go. If you’ve got the extra cash, you could pick a front loader with a ‘super/fast wash’ cycle to compensate on the lost time.

Look for features

That brings us to our next bit of advice – opt for a new washing machine with features and options. While these features used to only be in more expensive models, it’s now increasingly possible to find washing machines with features that reduce power and water consumption of cycles that are also affordable.

One feature to look out for is machines with ‘eco’ functions. This allows you to wash items that haven’t been too heavily soiled while reducing both power and water consumption – saving both the environment and your wallet from more damage! Another name for this function can be ‘spray rinse’.

machine with eco function

Additionally, if you have the budget, look out for models with functions that allow you to run smaller loads or can automatically sense the size of the load to adjust the amount of water used. This can save both water and energy consumption.

Look at the label

Appliance labels, either found on the washing machine in the showroom or as part of the description in an online store front, will show all sorts of energy-related information. This generally includes the energy rating, noise levels, the capacity, the efficiency of the spin drying and the annual energy and water consumptions.

Labels on products from before January 2021 may have EU labels, whereas products afterwards will have UK labels. The information can differ on both but, generally, this Is what you will find on either label. Make sure to consult and compare the labels of all your potential options.

Adjust your techniques

If you just cannot afford a washing machine with these features, only wash when you’ve got a full load. That’s because it takes just as much water to wash a full load as it does a half load without those auto-sensing options or water-saving programmes. Filling it with as many clothes as you can reduces the amount of time the machine is on, as well as the amount of water that is used.

Be sure to check your machine’s user guide to ensure you are not over-loading the drum.

Washing machine installations from Repair Aid

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To get in touch with our customer service team today, simply call 020 7183 6944 or book your appointment online and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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