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Whirlpool is a company to keep an eye on because they’re making a lot of advancements recently. They’ve been trying to make a brand of appliances which are suitable for the modern home, and we at Repair Aid have taken notice.

Their latest endeavour, FreshCare, has proven to be quite successful thus far, and so we’re going to be taking a closer look at it here and now. We hope that by exploring this creation, we can gain a new understanding of it, and so can you.

So, What’s FreshCare?

FreshCare is the name given by Whirpool to describe their new advancements in the world of washing machines. You see, the thing about your washer right now is while it may do the job and get you clean clothes, they’re not always fresh. This quality makes a big difference when you’re trying to look your best, feel your best, and make a positive impact on someone.

So, Whirlpool decided that they would step up and create a solution. And in many regards, they have done. But how have they done it? Well if you’re someone who follows our other blogs, you’ll know that Whirlpool is famous for inventing something known as ‘6TH SENSE‘, which is their unique system for maintaining temperature, moisture levels, and in this case, drum movements. It allows for precise regulation of the conditions inside the washing machine, so you can, as Whirlpool boasts, keep your clothes as fresh as possible for six hours after the wash has finished.

Freshcare - keep the laundry fresh

So, How Does it Work?

Well, the mechanics behind this system are pretty impressive, and they change up the way that we look at our washing. You have to consider that usually, you’d need to unload a machine right away to make sure that the clothing inside stays fresh and dries properly. However, this isn’t the case with the Freshcare system.

You see, what happens when the washing finishes is that the new system provides a gentle movement for six hours afterwards. This process combines with timed jets of steam, that serve as tools to prevent the build-up of bacteria, which prevents odours from forming. Plus, it reduces the likelihood of allergens.

Furthermore, if you’ve got a model which provides a drying cycle as well, you get a tumbling action that helps to prevent the buildup of creases in clothing, which as we all know can be exceptionally helpful.

As this is a Whirlpool machine, their 6TH SENSE technology is in full use. It will automatically detect the type of washing which you put into it, and then work out the best settings for that load – temperature, speed, intensity, etc. It’s all thanks to six different drum movements contained within the machine.

When you choose that first program, you’re starting everything off. The system will automatically look through the available settings, and monitor things like the water level and temperature inside the washer. It’s all part of an effort to create the ultimate washing experience – something that looks good as well as does good, and always gives you the best experience in regards to quality.

SoftMove – Technology, Enhanced

The SoftMove technology is sort of a partner to the original system Whirlpool designed but specially created for a washing machine. It figures out what the best way to do things based on the type of clothing you’re washing, and then makes adjustments to the cycle. It’s even a function that works for drying too, offering you even more precise control over your washing.

Environmentally and Conveniently Upgraded

There’s a lot of features which are present in the Whirlpool washer dryer combination that makes it an exciting option. For example, there’s an option for Dry Only, so if you had to get wet clothes back to being wearable again, you can.

The SenseInverter brushless motor is considered to be the crowning achievement of the entire device. What you’re dealing with is a permanent and very quiet system that enables you to wash clothing without the need for noise pollution, which can bother a lot of different people. It’s also exceptionally reliable too, which is always a plus when you’re trying to keep costs down.

So, that’s how FreshCare works. As you can tell, it’s pretty impressive, and we’re excited to be able to glean a whole new understanding of the machine and how it works. We’re well used to fixing devices like this, but it’ll be good to understand how they work and what this means correctly. After all, the more we learn, the better the service we can provide here at Repair Aid. And really, that’s what we’re all about – making sure you get the best possible service. If you’ve got a problem, then you’re more than welcome to contact us, and we’ll put it right for you.

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