How To Install A Washing Machine

Few home appliance can rival the seeming complexity of a washing machine but installing one yourself is doable. You might also be thinking whether it’s worth doing anyway after all can’t you just pay someone to do it for you?

washing machine installation

Well that is something down to personal opinion, however I would advise caution if you’re not 100% certain about what you should do calling in a professional (like our experienced team) to assist you is always going to be the best step.

Yes you might save some money doing it yourself but if you make a mistake it can cause a lot of damage. And making a mistake is much easier than you might think! But if you do what to attempt installing a washing machine yourself how do you do it? Well before we look at that let’s look at the prep work involved.

First of all, make sure your new washing machine will actually fit not all washing machines are the same size after all. Then ensure your old washing machine is empty and switched off at the mains supply.

Turn off the cold water supply at the mains hose and then disconnect it from the main pipe. Some water may spill out of the hose but don’t worry this is normal, finally, disconnect the waste water hose and your old washing machine should be safe to remove. Now you can install your new washing machine!

Installing Your New Washing Machine

So, let’s get right to it, shall we? Your first job will be to remove all the packaging on the washing machine (this could take a while) certain parts will also be bolted to the back of the washing machine as well which will also need to be removed.

Don’t forget to remove the transit bolts!

Make sure you take a good look through your washing machine’s manual as well as it will lay out all the important installation advice. So, now you’ve got all the important prep-work out of the way let’s begin with the installation, shall we?

Step 1 – Attach The Cold Water Hose

There might be quite a few hoses with your washing machine but the cold water hose will usually be stored in the drum of the machine. Screw the cold water hose to the back of the washing machine this can usually be done with a spanner or mole wrench. Attach the other part of the hose into the cold water pipe.

Once everything is attached release the isolating valve and inspect the hose carefully. If you spot any leaks or drips then the hose isn’t sufficiently tightened. So, you’ll need to disconnect the hose and try again.

Step 2 – Attach The Waste Water Hose

Unlike the cold water hose, the waste water hose should come already attached to your washing machine. Attaching it to the waste water pipe should be relatively straight-forward, use the plastic U-bend pipe to help you.

Not all washing machines will come with U-bend pipes but they are certainly very useful to have as they stop the hose from knotting, so if you don’t have one with your washing machine you should consider purchasing one.

Step 3 – Make Sure Your Washing Machine Is Level

Now that hoses are connected you might be tempted to put some clothes in and try out your new washing machine but before you do that there is one more important thing you need to do. And that is to see if your washing machine is level.

To the naked it eye your washing machine might look level but I’d strongly recommend using a spirit level to get a more accurate reading. If your washing machine isn’t on level ground it could cause some serious damage and it won’t run correctly either. So, make sure everything is level and in order before you take it for a spin.

If your washing machine isn’t level you might be able to adjust it by hand but don’t be surprised if you need to alter the legs in some way first. Check your washer’s manual to get the proper instructions on how to do this. Once you’ve got a level reading on your washing machine it should be safe to take it for its first spin.

So, that’s everything you need to know to install your washing machine safely. It might sound simple but in practice it can be much more difficult so remember if you’re not 100% confident or find yourself in over you head then just stop what you’re doing and call in a professional team like ours to help you. Yes it might cost a little extra but trust me it will be worth it!

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