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At Repair Aid, we can help with a wide variety of repairs including those under the famous Admiral brand! Our repairmen and technicians are highly trained in all the most modern repair techniques and can tackle any job.

But the great news about Repair Aid doesn’t stop there we also offer a very fast repair service and we work locally. This means we can provide incredibly fast appointments including both same and next day services.

We also treat our vans like mobile warehouses which means we carry all the components we could possibly need with us, this means the vast majority of repairs can be carried out onsite. Whatever the appliance at Repair Aid we can provide fast, efficient and high-quality repair services.

So, if you have an Admiral appliance that is in need of repairs just get in touch with Repair Aid today for fast, professional and long-lasting repairs.

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

So, why should you choose Repair Aid? Well, why give just one reason when we have so many! At Repair Aid, we are fast, professional and have all the components with us to carry out the majority of repairs onsite. We also work locally which means our repairmen can get to you quickly to carry out any repairs.

We have a wealth of experience to call upon and ensure that all our repairmen/ technicians receive regular training to ensure we keep up with all the latest developments. Admiral appliances come in many forms from their popular radios and televisions to fridges, dehumidifiers and much more. And if they break down you want a professional to handle the repairs, don’t you? So, call the Repair Aid team today for professional assistance.

More About Admiral Appliances

Admiral is most famous for its earlier works including televisions and radios, in fact, Admiral also provided electronics for the U.S military during World War 2. You might not see much of Admiral in shops today as it’s a more exclusive brand.

Admiral products are currently sold in The Home Depot in the U.S and Canada but many of their older products are still available and even newer models have made it to the UK. To some older Admiral products are considered collector’s items and they can even be very valuable in some cases.

Common Admiral Faults

While they are famous for their radios and televisions the Admiral brand includes many home appliances both old and new models include refrigerators, air conditioners and much more. Older models can be prone to wiring damage due to their age and exterior damage like cracks to the casing.

While newer models can fall victim to issues like electronic errors and overheating, thankfully with our repairmen on the job we’ll be sure to diagnosis any issue quickly. Once we know what the problem is we can then get it fixed, with the Repair Aid team on the job you’re Admiral Appliance will be as good as new in no time.

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