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Based in London, we’re your go-to specialists for AEG appliance repairs. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we’re fully trained and insured to handle any issue. What sets us apart is our independence, allowing us to provide top-notch service at the best value for your money.

Our AEG Repair Service

It’s not only when there has been a physical breakage within your AEG appliance and you need a rack, switch lock or pull out system, that you need a competent repairman. Technology is so diverse especially across different manufacturers that you will need a repairman that has an excellent general and specialist knowledge. Here at Repair Aid we service all AEG models of appliances because our technicians are kept up to date with the latest in new developments in the industry.

Using our service, you can rest assured that even with a kitchen filled with appliances from different manufacturers we can cover them all, source the spares and implement the repair expediently. With AEG there is no exception. With a consistent and continuous in house training programme, our Repair Aid technicians and engineers can handle any repairs.

With our AEG appliance repair service, you can save on the cost of buying a new appliance and have your machine back in action before you even realise it’s gone. We repair all large built-in, integrated and freestanding AEG appliances including:

  • washing machines
  • dishwashers
  • tumble dryers
  • combo washer dryers
  • fridges and freezers
  • ovens and double ovens
  • electric cookers and hobs
  • cooker hoods

Additionally, our AEG appliance repair service includes a 1-year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind.

AEG – German design excellence

AEG started out as an electrical company that operated under licence from Edison in the US.  Founded by Emil Rathenau in 1883 AEG initially produced electrical products such as light bulbs, motors and generators. Credited in the first half of the twentieth century with inventions and developments that made an impact on the automobile and aircraft industry, AEG move on to cover a wide spectrum of electrical products in a similar way to their rivals at Bosch.

The company has transformed its structure several times experiencing several highs and lows. Selling of its electrical distribution business – Telefunken and then the remainder being acquired by Daimler Benz in the late 1980s. The brand name was no longer used until the 1990s when Electrolux gained the rights to the brand name and reintroduced it into the market.

AEG - German design excellence


When it comes to innovation AEG™ have stood out from the crowd with creating a machine that is east use and provides for the practical needs of the customer. They have also managed to bring a new angle to the ever important environmental factors. The machines take no energy consumption between cycles.

With natural drying cycles in their dishwashers AEG™ has managed to put the tech into the way things are usually done. Not an easy task, but one they have mastered anyway. Aside from the fact that they have taken dual styling into consideration when designing the look of the washers and dryers, they also have developed intuitive technology in their product ranges.


Whether your AEG™ dishwasher is integral or freestanding or integral you can rest assured that you have some of the best German engineering in your home. AEG are not only innovative, but have perfected and made the innovation of other manufacturers possible. With an approach of not fixing what isn’t broken, but simply perfecting it, they have managed to develop some of the best technology in White Goods ever seen.

Their dishwashers are quiet, energy efficient and now using less water also complete the job faster. With no soapy spots to be found on the glassware because of the natural drying process that is unique to their brand, their machines are amongst the best there is. Combined with creative design that means you no longer have to break your back to get the dishes in and glass stacking that precludes breakage, it’s a small wonder that more people don’t opt for this brand first.

Fridges and Freezers

Visiting the AEG stand in any store is a bit like exploring a completely different world. The innovative design is tangible and can be seen first hand when you discover that you can arrange and structure the interior of the fridge to suit your own needs. This is an incredibly sensitive approach to the needs of the disabled and the elderly. Combining their creative design process with perfecting technological innovation means that AEG™ have ticked all the boxes to come up trumps. They can compete with other manufacturers in all areas of cooling technology such as climate control, lighting and cleaning.

Washing Machines

While many of the manufacturers have worked hard at innovating the mechanical processes of the machines they produce, AEG™ has taken a surprising turn. Rather than concentrate solely on the machine, they have developed what is known as Softwater™ technology. Understanding that the harder the water is, the more minerals and deposits a garment will retain after a wash, AEG™ have developed a very alternative solution.  By softening the water at source, their machines removed the unwanted minerals and deposits before they reach the clothing. This has a knock on effect by increasing the longevity of the clothing. It also means that the machines can operate more economically because a soft water wash at thirty degrees can wash as effectively as a regular wash at sixty degrees.

Tumble Dryers

AEG prove their mettle when it comes to their tumble dryers too. They have taken what others do and made it so much better. Do you remember your mother accidentally putting that woolly jumper into the machine and then your Dad commenting that it might fit a seven year old when it came out?

You no longer have to fear that. The AEG™ tumble dryer range now handles even the most delicate of textiles without a hint of destruction. The AbsoluteCare™ system means that their tumble dryers replicate the flat drying process. Your favourite hand wash only garments can all now be put through the tumble dryer.

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