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Repair Aid is a team you can trust with appliance repairs of any kind and Amana is just one of the many brands we can assist you with. With an experienced team of repairmen and technicians, we can confidently tackle any job.

We make sure all out repairmen also receive regular training to ensure they keep up to date with all the latest industry developments. If there is a new repair method or procedure in the works, then we will know about it. We also work locally which means we can offer the highly sort after same and next day appointment services.

Our vans are also a great help when it comes to our repairs and not just for transport, we treat our vehicles as mobile warehouses so all the parts we could need for a repair will be carried with us. Fast, efficient and high-quality repair services and all but guaranteed with the Repair Aid team so if you have an Amana product get in touch!

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

Amana products span a huge period of time and their range includes ovens, fridges, cookers, washers and much more. Basically, almost every kind of common (and some not so common) appliances could have the Amana name on it. So, you’re going to need an experienced repairman who knows their stuff.

At Repair Aid, we promise just that! Our team is comprised of highly-trained, professional repairmen with a wealth of experience in product repairs of all kinds. Which means that no matter what Amana appliance you have we can guarantee a fast, efficient, and professional service.

This combined with our speedy delivery and repair guarantee means you can be sure once we leave your appliance is going to still be in working order. For long-lasting, high-quality repairs the Repair Aid team are the people to call.

About Amana

Amana might not be a name you are instantly familiar with but this household appliance company has been in operation for over 80 years! They started with air conditioners and microwave ovens in their earlier years but now you’ll find a lot of different appliances bearing the Amana name.

Washers, dryers, ovens, and freezers are just some of the Amana products and like many appliance companies, they are now under the Whirlpool name.

Common Amana Faults

With so many different products under the Amana brand, you can probably surmise that there a lot of potential problems that can occur as well. While it’s not common with more modern Amana appliances older models can fall victim to defective components and generally, breakdowns can happen.

Many of these appliances can also be damaged accidentally if used incorrectly like overheating and other such issues. So, if you have an Amana product there is always the possibility of a fault occurring and if it does you will need to turn to a professional to get it fixed. Thankfully that is where the Repair Aid team can help.

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