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Asko domestic appliances

Also known as Asko Cylinda in its native home country of Sweden this impressive manufacturer as a reputation for high-quality and while its full range of products isn’t available overseas they have still made an impact in both the UK’s and the USA’s appliance markets.

As part of Repair Aid’s professional appliance repairs service, we specialise in all kinds of product repairs. Unlike other repair services and technicians, we don’t focus solely on one kind of product we can help repair them all from fridges to freezers, oven and cookers and much more.

We have the skills and experience to carry out repairs quickly and are proud to add Asko appliances to the vast range of manufacturers whose products we can assist in fixing. So, if you have an Asko appliance in need of repairs just get in touch.

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

So, why should you use Repair Aid then? Well, there’s plenty of reasons, first of all, we are fast and will work to your schedule, you won’t be left waiting in for us we’ll get to you when it’s convenient for your needs. Our repairmen also receive regular training in all the main appliance manufacturers, so they will know how to adapt their approach to each manufacturer.

Asko is just one the many manufacturers our repairmen have been trained in and this allows us to carry out a more efficient and long-lasting repair. We also carry a wide array of components with us in our van’s, so the vast majority of repairs carried out by the Repair Aid team can be done onsite. We’re professional, experienced and have all the tools and knowledge to do a long-lasting repair.

About Asko

Established in 1950 Asko is relatively new manufacturer when you compare it to some of the other big names on the market. While they do offer a vast range of different appliances under their brand including cookers, refrigerators, freezers, ovens, and dishwashers you likely won’t see them all in the UK or USA.

Asko has only made a select few of their products available outside of Sweden so far but their laundry appliances like washing machines and tumble dryers are particularly popular. So, many people will have an Asko appliance of some kind in their home.

Common Asko Faults

With so many appliances under the Asko name, there is always going to be the possibility of faults occurring isn’t there? But at Repair Aid our technicians/ repairmen are well versed in Asko products so can assist when it comes to all kinds of repairs.

Since it will most likely be laundry appliances some of the common faults to watch out for including overheating, blockages and filter issues. They’ll likely be error codes but making sense of them on your own can be difficult so call in our professional team instead. We’ll be able to diagnose and repair any issues quickly, so you can start using your appliance as normal.

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