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As one of the former leading German appliance manufacturers, Bauknecht is still a popular manufacturer today. Now under the Whirlpool brand, Bauknecht has a wide-range of appliances available all around the world including fridge, freezers, washing machines, and cookers!

We all rely on our appliances for so, much don’t we? But when they break down we can really struggle with what to do because let’s be honest we either lost the manual or it’s simply too complex for us to follow.

But rather than buying a brand-new appliance you could save money, time and effort by calling in our professional team instead. So, if you have a Bauknecht appliance of any kind or age give our professional team a call to arrange an appointment.

Why Should I Choose Repair Aid?

There are many reasons to choose Repair Aid! We offer a high-quality service that can’t be rivalled! Our repairman and technicians also receive regular training, so we are always at the cutting edge of repair procedures and techniques. We also use only the highest-quality tools and equipment in all our repairs and best of all our service is fast!

No one wants to be left waiting for an appliance repair, do they? Especially for things like fridges and freezers so that is why we are proud to offer both a same and next-day appointment service.

At Repair Aid, we are fast, efficient and professional whatever the issue is if you have a Bauknecht appliance we can help you get it fixed.

About Bauknecht

Bauknecht was formally one of the leading German household appliance manufacturers and it’s now like many other manufacturers under the Whirlpool brand. They were very successful across Europe with their washing machines, in particular, being incredibly popular appliances that were well-known for their quality design and build.

Nowadays Bauknecht offers a similar range of appliances to their parent company with many of them being very similar to Whirlpool appliances. They have still maintained their reputation for a striking look though with their Blackline UK range of appliances being very popular.

Bauknecht appliances include cookers, ovens, fridges and much more! And while they might not be one of the UK’s biggest names they still have quite the vocal fan group and thanks to their connection to Whirlpool many of their appliances are available. So, if you have a Bauknecht appliance that needs repairs we can help.

Common Bauknecht Faults

Bauknecht once had an impressive reputation for very high-quality but that didn’t mean they were immune to faults. This is still true today and while Bauknecht appliances still have reputation for quality faults like overheating, blockages and draining issues can still occur.

When you’re faced with an error or fault knowing what to do isn’t always easy (in fact it rarely ever is) especially if you have an older Bauknecht appliance. So, if you’re experiencing issues with a Bauknecht appliance why not give us a call because we can help!

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