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Many people become attached to a specific brand from early on in their lives. In fact, there are entire families that will only use certain brands in their homes. Understanding what the different brands offer and why people have chosen to have a relationship with a brand will enable you to choose the appliance range that you need for your home.

Our Beko Repair Service

Perhaps the most appealing idea behind owning a Beko product is that you can move to almost any country across Europe and the Near East and still enjoy top notch sales and service support.

Although all new appliances automatically come with a full year’s warranty Beko also provides extended warranties for the more careful appliance owner. All of our Repair Aid technicians and engineers receive extensive inhouse training and spend three months receiving specialist Beko product training. This enables them to repair any Beko appliance regardless of age.

As a consequence our customers have peace of mind when choosing Repair Aid to service their Beko appliance. They know, here at Repair Aid, we have the best trained technicians and engineers in the market.

Beko repair services we offer:

About Beko


On the face of it, Beko may appear to be your humble appliance brand. Advertising for Beko products is visible but incredibly subtly. In fact, Beko products are amongst the most successful word of mouth high expense household products across Europe.

Beko is a subsidiary of a parent company called Arcelik A.S. and in turn Arcelik is part of a group of companies known as Koc holdings. Koc is a Turkish conglomerate and one of the top 500 companies globally. To contextualise the size of the organisation, Arcelik has production plants present in three European countries and claims ownership of nine brands and thirteen separate companies.

Most people who spot the brand in the shop are unaware that Beko also names Brands such as Grundig, Leisure, Flavel and Blomberg as names that fall in their stable.

Delivering the manufacture and service of household appliances such as dishwashers, washing, machines, fridges and cookers, Beko also manufactures some smaller appliances. These include microwaves, kettles, vacuum cleaners and food preparation machines. Having become known as one of the top ten household appliance names globally, Beko continues to expand across Europe and beyond.

Beko don’t simply manufacture your average home appliance. In seeking to provide an appliance that can be used in almost any home with any type of need, they have perfected their range. Both in terms of affordability and usability there are appliances that cover almost everything.


Mums best friend the dishwasher, is perhaps one of the least thought about kitchen appliances. Yet in families of all sizes it is the appliance that saves Mums sanity the most. Beko offer the full range whether the appliance has been installed integrally as part of a fitted kitchen or is freestanding and can be moved to another property easily. Available as both full size and slimline, there is every reason to understand why every home should have one.

Beko have not only manufactured millions of appliances, they continue to apply an innovative approach to their output. The Eco Smart full dishwasher range illustrate this perfectly. With the capacity to clean a full 13 place setting using only six litres of water the range is not only economical to run, but also an environmental asset. With the capacity to sense the dirt level of the load the machines can adjust adjust the amount of water they use. Intelligent technology has been brought right into our kitchens, even with non-interactive appliances.

With multiple technologies being used Beko dishwashers use Aquasense™ to establish how much water and what level of pressure to use. Steam Gloss appliances additional heat in the final cycles to reduce water droplets and produce crystal clean dishes and self-cleaning functions too. Aside with continually developing design that enables easier use and better economy for the owner, it is not difficult to see why these brands are so successful.


Most brands that produce laundry appliances will cover the full range too, with washers, washer dryers and tumble dryers, that are both integral as well as free standing. With most of the machines achieving A+++ economic status it is unsurprising that Beko is so popular. Using technology that supports self-cleaning, longevity of their machines is also increased. Capacities that range from 5kg to 12 kg, means that homes ranging from individual occupants to families that could start football teams are all catered for. Incorporating multiple settings for different types of fabric as well as how soiled the items are Beko meets and improves upon what has become mainstream expectations of any washing machine or dryer. Additionally, when the need for speed becomes a factor and a wash needs to be done yesterday, undoubtedly the brand comes up with the goods.


The modern kitchen is not complete with a fridge and freezing facilities. Beko have really stood up to the plate with these and offer, fridges, freezers, multi door appliances, combined fridge freezers and American fridges across their range. Again, both integral as well as freestanding they have appliances to offer that include both convenience as well as intelligent technology. Combined with excellent design and technical features such as frost-free technology and Everfresh™ that keeps food fresher for longer Beko now competes as a world leader.

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