Beko American Style Fridge Freezer Repairs

American style fridge freezers have become extremely popular. Dual door side by side fridge freezer layouts are useful and the American style models are particularly useful for large families.

Classic problems with Beko American style Fridge Freezers

There are some problems that are typical of these Beko models. One of these is when the vents get blocked with ice. The thermostat is working fine, but the fridge doesn’t cool, although the freezer is functioning perfectly. The easiest way to deal with this to undergo a complete defrost. If you defrost your Beko fridge freezer completely and the fridge does not cool down significantly then the problem is likely to be more complex. There is a quick way to establish whether this is a core problem but should only be performed in dire emergencies.

In the back corner of the fridge behind the light is what appears to be a small box. This box has push pull fitting, so you can remove it by simply pulling the box out. Defrost any ice attached to or around it. If this does not resolve the problem contact an engineer.

All about the error codes

American style Fridge Freezers that are currently manufactured by Beko have a display that will generate error codes. Examine the display for the error code and give it to the person that you speak to when calling up for assistance. Common errors also relate to sensors not working correctly and can be repaired quickly before other electrical faults develop. Sometimes when you call for help and reference the error code, the repair service may be able to tell you over the phone what to do. If it’s a simple procedure you could save yourself a callout fee. There are some procedures that will not require a licenced electrician to be carried out and thus you could have your Beko fridge freezer back in no time at all.

Remember that if you ignore an error code you could be causing your Beko appliance more damage as other parts cannot regulate the fault, while trying to keep the fridge cold and the freezer frozen.

Here at Repair Aid, our engineers are all experienced in identifying the problem when an error code appears and will also have a good understanding of which spares will be needed if any to complete the job in a single visit.

Qualified engineers

Because our engineers have intensive on the job in house training that is not only brand specific but is implemented over several months, we provide some of the best trained engineers available. Here at Repair Aid, we also maintain professional development, meaning that our engineers and technicians have skills that are never outdated.

If you are unable to resolve your difficulty then make a note of the appliance details and call Repair Aid for a speedy callout.

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