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Even the most advanced modern home appliances that use water, are going to experience a problem at some point in their lifetime. The objective of good care and maintenance is to extend the longevity of an appliance for as long as possible, ensuring that the long term return on the initial investment at purchase is realised.

Beko dishwashers are no different to Beko washing machines in that they use water, and that when water is not entering or exiting the machine as it should, problems are going to build up. Problems quickly become apparent when you have placed several place settings in the machine added all the required detergents, pressed the buttons or flicked the switches and left your Beko machine to do the rest. On return you discover that the dog may have done a better job at washing the dishes.

When all else fails read the instructions

Dishwashers however are also different to washing machines and the best place to start is the troubleshooting section of your owner’s manual that will have come with the machine at the time of purchase. If you inherited the machine with a house purchase or cannot retrieve the manual, it is usual practice for manufacturers to provide copies online. If your Beko dishwasher machine is older than five years of age this may become more difficult to source, but there are other manual websites that are likely to have a copy.

Simple things can cause major problems

If there is a definite difficulty with water entering the machine you want to check the water inlet pipe where it connects to water supply. There will be a small valve that opens and closes that inlet and when it is under a sink occasionally it is possible that the valve has accidently been knocked into the closed position.

Other things to check are that you are in fact loading your Beko dishwasher according to the manufacturers specifications and that nothing is blocking the inlet. Overloading a Beko dishwashing machine can also cause problems as can damaged interior furniture such as the racks and baskets. If these are damaged you may want to replace them before rushing to call an engineer.

Difficult leaks

One of the worst things that can happen for many homeowners is when your Beko dishwasher leaks from the door. Fixing a pipe is far easier than identifying the source of a leak through the dishwasher door.

Error codes

Beko dishwashers also produce error codes, so when calling up, be sure that you have made a note of the error code. This will enable the technical team to identify the problem and make a faster turnaround callout to complete the repair.

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