Beko Freezer Repair

While the ownership of a standalone freezer, whether upright or chest freezer, is something most homemakers desire, it is something that is often only a second thought until it becomes necessary.

Optimal temperatures

Most freezers perform optimally at -18 degrees Celsius or zero degrees Fahrenheit. When this temperature drops or raises, your Beko freezer will not work at its best. Freezers only need to be a few degrees outside their optimal function to become faulty.

Freezer placement

Where you keep your Beko freezer will have a significant influence on its wellbeing. Keeping a freezer in a garage may be an excellent idea for storage purposes, but if the temperature inside the garage drops below zero in the winter it affects how the freezer functions inside. When your Beko freezer is sited in a place with severe temperature fluctuations the thermostat struggles to keep up and it will experience wear and tear faster than when it is sited in a place holding a constant temperature.

Beko Freezer maintenance

Many freezer owners don’t realise that their freezer should be cleaned and maintained regularly. Auto defrosting models will defrost naturally every 12 hours or so but manual defrosting models need to be defrosted once the ice becomes about half an inch thick. Failure to defrost your Beko freezer regularly is a major contribution to the appearance of a fault.

When an auto defrosting freezer fails to defrost by itself, it will need attention really quickly. There are a number of simple reasons why a freezer may present with problems that relate to temperature failures. The gasket may fail and unless closely inspected it may not be obvious. An experienced engineer will know how to look for the less than obvious faults too. These occur in different places on different models.

Symptoms of failure

Signs and symptoms of faults with your Beko freezer include your food defrosting either completely or partially. Freezers can also become very noisy when the thermostats can’t cope with fluctuations or become faulty. If your freezer is making a lot of noise it could be a number of things that are affecting it. The motor could be faulty, the thermostat could be problematic or there could be issues with defrost mechanisms.

Freezer repair typically require an engineer that is proficient in refrigeration and specialises in cooling appliances. Our Repair Aid engineers and technicians are qualified in brand specific refrigeration appliances and will be familiar with your Beko model.

Please contact Repair Aid to learn about how we can help with your Beko repair needs.

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