Beko Hob Repairs

When reporting a Beko hob repair, it is important that you determine the make and model number. Beko hobs come in a variety of options and the technicians will need to know what type of hob they are going to be dealing with.

Beko manufacture both gas and electric hobs. Furthermore, they also offer a selection of electric subtypes such as solid plate, induction and electric ceramic hobs. Each of these hobs can have failures that are unique to each of their types, so discussing the problem with a professional on the end of the phone, will help you to get the problem resolved and the engineer will be able to avoid unnecessary return trips to complete a repair.

Understanding the law

When the repair is going to involve electric wiring or gas connection, it is unlikely that the householder is qualified to do it themselves. To remain within the law, it is advised to contact us so that we can send a suitably qualified, registered and insured technician, who will complete the job in as fast a time as possible.

There are times when the problem cannot simply be determined over the phone and these are more likely to be with an appliance such as the hob. Anything from failed thermostats to loose wires could be causing the problem and even the ceramic substrate on a specialist hob could be faulty.

Additionally, with hobs, if the original problem is not determined in time, it could have a domino effect on the wellbeing of other components within the unit. This means that a speedy repair of your electric hob is essential to avoid additional cost.

Unique problems

Gas hobs can present with problems that are unique to their type. Possibly the most common is when the ignition fails and the user starts to use a lighter. While this is a common practice, the failure of the ignition could be symptomatic of other problems to come and having it looked at may well prevent more expensive damage further down the line.

Quick and efficient Beko hob repairs

Apart from the influence of the law and the necessity to get a brand specialist in, here at Repair Aid we provide repairs for both in warranty and out of warranty Beko appliances. It is important to check that the specialists that are repairing your appliance are qualified to so without creating further problems with warranties and insurance.

Please speak with our appliance engineers and discuss your hob repair needs today. To get in touch with Repair Aid, call 020 7183 6944.

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