Beko Washer Dryer Repairs

Your Beko washer dryer is a slightly more complicated machine than a washing machine because it performs two jobs within the one machine. Washer dryers mostly operate as normal washing machine with a condenser dryer built in.

More features, mean more moving parts and more things that can go wrong. The washer dryer can suffer exactly the same issues as the washing machine, with the additional problems that a standalone dryer can present with. As technology changes, so do the machines and dryer technology although on the tail end of appliance development is now changing rapidly.

Condenser technology

Beko have introduced a new technology where air is used to cool the condenser rather than water. This helps to save water and elevate the energy rating of your Beko appliance, saving you money over the long term. However, because of the technology involved in new condensers, experienced and brand specific trained technicians will need to be called in, when there is a failure.

For most people when the lights on a washing machine or a washer dryer start to light up like a Christmas tree, there’s eyes fill up with terrified currency symbols. If the problem with a washer dryer is addressed immediately it will stop the development of cumulative difficulties developing and damage to other parts of your Beko machine that would otherwise not happen.

beko freestanding washer dryer

Catch the problem early on

Washer dryers have parts that are responsible for heating including thermostats and other temperature regulation mechanisms. These can become faulty too, of other parts of the machine are not repaired or serviced timeously.

Other problems that washer dryers experience can be either electronic or mechanical, ranging from the belt breaking to a PC board wearing or becoming damaged. These repairs will require the expertise of a technician that has up to date in house training that is also brand specific.

For help with your Beko washer dryer, please contact our technicians.

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