Beko Washing Machine Repairs

A lot can go wrong with a washing machine. There are two considerations that are required when your Beko washing machine malfunctions. Is there something that you can do about it yourself? Do you need the help of the washing machine repair specialists at Repair Aid?

The simplicity of placing textiles in a machine, adding some detergent, turning a dial or pressing a few buttons and then an hour later hanging them to dry, or transferring them to a dryer has become something we take for granted.

Your machine uses and expels water – a process where something can go wrong. It also uses electric power, another process where anything can go wrong. It has multiple moving and working parts – where anything can go wrong too. It may seem that the water outlet is a problem, but it may in fact be the pump. There is also that dreaded humming, where nothing moves, but it’s clear nevertheless that the machine is powered up.

freestanding beko washing machine

Is it switched on?

There are a few basic things that you can do to establish whether a callout will be necessary you’re your Beko machine is completely dead and it has been in regular use – check the fuse in the plug. It can be something as simple as replacing a fuse worth a few pennies to get you up and running again. By comparison that fuse will become very expensive if you discover you’ve called out a technician to do that for you.

Beko washing machine pump problems

Another very common problem is a blockage in the pump. Modern Beko machines have a panel at the front of the machine immediately above the floor. Once this panel is removed you may see a small pipe extruding from the interior of the machine. With a small bucket or pot available, you will be able to remove the cap from the pipe and allow excess water to be expelled from the machine. Once you have done this, you will be able to open the pump filter. However, if you don’t feel confident about doing any of those little fixes, then please don’t hesitate to call in a Repair Aid technician.

Some older Beko machines do not have this additional little pipe. If your machine doesn’t have this little tube, prepare for water to be expelled once you open the pump cap. Remove the pump cap by turning it anti clockwise. Some water may still escape even of you have already released most of the water being held using the evacuation pipe. Once all water has been released you will be able to check the inside of the pump filter cavity for rogue items that may be causing to to jam. Hairclips, coins and small toys are common culprits. Check that the impeller can rotate freely and if so close the cap and reattach the front panel.

Call in the professionals

When you are unable to establish what the problem is, or unable to clear a basic problem yourself, the time will have come to call a Repair Aid professional technician. Even when the Beko machine is limping along, but you know there is a problem, the longer you leave it, the more expensive the repairs are likely to become. Addressing a fault with arguably one of the most used appliances in the home immediately may save the damage that could be caused to other parts as a result of the original fault.

If you need help with your Beko washing machine repair, please contact Repair Aid.

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