What Do You Do When Your Bosch Dishwasher Isn’t Getting Sufficient Water?

For a Bosch dishwasher to work efficiently, it is designed to fill with water. However, the water should not get to the level of the door latch.

But, sadly, you may notice that your dishwasher is not filling with water. It could mean that your dishes are not cleaning properly. Hence it is important to troubleshoot the problem and identify the cause. Since there could be several potential causes, it is best to eliminate each until you are left with the real problem.

If this happens immediately after installing your dishwasher, don’t panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean your dishwasher is faulty. During installation, a few checks will confirm the cause of your dishwasher not getting sufficient water.

Check the power cable

First off, check the power cable.  You may notice that the power switch was off hence the dishwasher was not able to turn on. Also, you may notice a burned fuse or tripped power. When you can establish the cause, then you will be on your way to solving it.

Check the water connection

Notwithstanding, if you do the above and yet the problem persists, you can check on the water connection to the dishwasher. You need to confirm whether you flushed the line after you installed your Bosch dishwasher. Under normal circumstances, the air bubbles may be trapped in the water line hence affecting the water flow. The recommended option here is to disconnect the dishwasher from the water supply line and then try to flush the line. Allow water to pass through to ensure the problem is sorted.

However, if despite doing all these you realise the water still won’t fill, then it would be time to try other elimination processes until you have established the reason behind this.

Check if the previous cycle was interrupted

A dishwasher is made in such a way that once you start a cycle, you can’t stop it. If the sequence is interrupted, this means that you will have challenges with the Bosch dishwasher filling water in the next cycle. In this case, you need to reset the machine. You can do this by holding the “Start” button on the Bosch dishwasher. Some other models of Bosch dishwashers may have the “Cancel-Reset” button. In this case, you are supposed to press on it. Then, select a new cycle and proceed to press “Start”.

If you rerun the machine and water fills, then you will have identified the challenge. Notwithstanding, if the predicament persists, it would be time to move on to the next tip.

Check if the water supply under the sink is turned-off

This would be a probable cause for water not filling in your Bosch dishwasher. It sounds straightforward, and yes, it is. If the water supply is off, your dishwasher will not work. What you need to do in this case is to establish whether the line has a twist. A bend in the supply line will automatically affect the water supply to the dishwasher. Once cleared-out, you should then open the valve and see whether the issue is sorted. If this isn’t the case, then you should consider the next advice.

Check whether the water filter has debris

Your Bosch dishwasher has an inbuilt filter that is supposed to sieve sediments from entering the dishwasher. Sometimes, some particles may find their way in the dishwasher.

What should you do? The solution is straightforward. Firstly, you must disconnect the supply hose. This will enable you to remove the filter inside. Check clearly for any debris that may be causing a blockage. With some warm water and some soap, clean the filter until there is no more dirt. If the accumulated dirt is too much, you may find that the filter is fully clogged. In this case, it is recommended to replace the filter with a new one. Once done, you should turn back on the water supply line and open the valve.

Moving forward…

The elimination process should go on until you have established the real cause. Next in line would be to confirm that the water pressure is ideal. If water supply from source is low, it means that the pressure would not be enough to fill the dishwasher. You should consider checking if the water was drained from the previous cycle as well. This is because with Bosch dishwashers, water does not fill if the last water cycle was not drained.

Bosch Dishwasher Not Filling With Water

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