Bosch Hob Repairs

Hobs are usually installed as separate appliances and are typically found in kitchens where ovens and hobs are integrated as part of the overall kitchen design. Traditionally integrated Bosch hobs have been either electric or gas, although now induction hobs have become the preferred choice in urban and suburban households.

Venting hobs

Venting hobs are essentially inductions hobs with a ventilation module. This may sound like a simple add on that is an optional extra, however there are many good reasons what people to choose this technology for their kitchen. The fact that induction cooking heats the base of the pot or pan rather than the hob means that you can move the cooking vessel anywhere on the hob. Bosch vented hobs circulate and recirculate the air around the point where the food is being cooked. This makes a substantial difference to the surrounding air, including the odours. When a vent becomes blocked or does not circulate the air efficiently the probably of other faults begin to build up.

Repairs to these Bosch hobs require specifically qualified technicians as the technology is still new and it will be easy for an inexperienced or unfamiliar engineer to make a mistake. Our engineers that come out to you are specifically trained and their professional training is kept up to date as new Bosch technology is released.

Electric hobs

Electric hobs have been around ever since cooking became electric. Whether the Bosch electric hob that is giving you trouble is ceramic or cast iron, most problems can be quickly and easily identified. There are several faults that can occur. Amongst the most common are temperature problems ranging from the plate not heating up at all, to temperature regulation of the cooking plate failing. Sometimes a short circuit or a loose wire will cause the power in the house to trip as soon as the hob is turned on.

An experienced engineer will know where to look and have the required parts to hand to ensure a quick and convenient repair. Our technicians have all the required qualifications and are also provided with additional in house training enabling them to repair your Bosch electric hob affordably.

Induction hobs

Although the concept of induction hobs was first developed in the early 1900s, they only became a reality in the modern domestic kitchen post 1970. An innovative and major breakthrough, induction hobs have made cooking safer and far more energy efficient. Once a luxury of the rich and famous, this kitchen technology is now so commonplace that it is expected that within the next generation or two it will replace conventional electric cooking. Induction works on electromagnetic technology.

Induction has become a replacement technology which over the next few decades means that it will progressively become the installation of choice in new kitchens. When repairs are needed they are usually associated with an electromagnetic fault, a thermostat fault or an electric fault at source.  Repairing these Bosch hobs is not something you try to do yourself. Our Bosch expert technicians will assess the problem and manage the repair of your hob in record time.

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