Bosch Tumble Dryer Repairs

For most of us a tumble dryer is exactly that – a tumble dryer. Few people stop to think about a how a tumble dryer really works except for the fact that we put our clothes in, select the setting and wait for the cycle to complete. But there are different types of dryers and they will suit a home according to the needs of the users.

Bosch Condenser Dryer

Bosch condenser tumble dryer

A condenser dryer works by collecting all the moisture from the clothing in a container or a tank that the user then empties out at regular intervals. Exceptionally popular because they not require a venting hose. This means that they can be placed in space that is not otherwise used in the house. It is important to remember though that these driers still have some restrictions on where they can be placed particularly in relationship to the ambient temperature. Maintaining and repairing Bosch condenser dryers requires an expert engineer. With new technology such as AutoDry and the sensitive drying systems it is imperative that temperature control mechanisms remain calibrated.

Bosch Heat Pump Dryer

Bosch heat pump dryer

Bosch heat pump dryers are basically a condenser dryer with a heat pump. These dryers have been developed with severe allergy sufferers in mind. They also usually have a self-cleaning condenser. Heat pump dryers reuse the hot air thus reducing lost energy and increasing efficiency. Clothes are dryed quicker and more economically. The most disastrous fault for any owner is when the dryer fails to produce any heat. This is usually as a result of thermostat failure, which is easily replaceable by your tumble dryer repair company. A qualified technician should replace your thermostat as it’s always possible the electrical fault originated elsewhere in the machine and failing to establish its origins could cause a fire.

Bosch Vented Dryer

Bosch vented tumble dryer

Vented dryers work on hot air. Basically, the water is extracted from the clothing and pumped out using hot air through a vent. A basic concept but not very economical. These dryers have become lower cost entry level dryers and although there are some that have been developed to offer more economy, they remain one of the most common tumble dryers to be found in a UK household. Bosch vented dryers are usually the easiest to repair and present with the fewest technical headaches.

Tumble dryers present the highest fire risk amongst white goods. When lint builds up in filters and they are not cleared the risk increases. Failure to empty filters can also cause the lint to get into the moving mechanical parts of the dryer causing them to block, overheat or completely break down. If you require tumble dryer repair, please call our engineers for help.

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