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Cannon cooker repair

Cannon is one of the more well-known kitchen appliance brands in the UK, especially when it comes to cookers. Their product lines have changed over time, but they are still producing gas cookers today and while they might not be at peak popularity anymore they are still one of the leading UK brands when it comes to cooking appliances.

But cookers (and particularly gas ones) are always going to need professional repair services, they are very complicated appliances and things can easily go wrong. You also don’t want to attempt fixing these appliances yourself because it is easier than you think to hurt yourself or damage them.

But the Repair Aid team can help! We offer a wide-range of professional repair services and our experienced team can help with all kinds of Cannon appliances, whatever the problem is we will be able to diagnosis the issue and provide fast, professional assistance.

Why Choose Repair Aid?

Cannon offers a range of appliances and many of their older cookers are still used today but with age comes the increased likelihood of errors. But whether your Cannon appliance is old or new at Repair Aid we can help you get it fixed.

Why should you use Repair Aid you ask? Well I’ll tell you, at Repair Aid we offer an incredibly quick service including both next-day and same-day appointments and as part of our modern service we will work to your schedule, so we can come at a time that is convenient to you.

Best of all we also offer a guarantee with any repairs and there’s no callout charges or additional fees to worry about. We offer a professional, high-quality service at a fair price so if you need appliance repairs just get in touch today.

About Cannon

Cannon was actually founded in 1826 and launched their first gas cooker in 1895, for a time they were one of the leading gas cooker brands in the UK. Over time their expertise expanded to other similar gas appliances like fires, however, while Cannon was certainly very popular for a long time they did eventually begin to lose ground in the UK.

This eventually led to Cannon being sold to the Hotpoint Group and in 2015 they were sold to Whirlpool. So, while Cannon is still around in some form it isn’t exactly the homegrown UK business it once was.

Common Cannon Faults

Cannon is more well known for their gas appliances and when it comes to gas you will be dealing with a few more complicated issues. If your fire won’t ignite for example knowing how to even examine the appliance to check for faults can be very difficult.

Gas cookers can suffer similar issues and when it comes to Cannon appliances some faults to watch out for include ignition issues as previously mentioned, problems with the valve/ control knob and issues with the hob. That’s just a few of the possible problems to be aware of. So, if you need professional assistance call in the Repair Aid team.

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