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Daewoo Appliance Repairs

You might be more familiar with Daewoo cars, but this South Korean manufacturer also produces a range of electronic household appliances. Now with a Daewoo car, you can always make an appointment with a garage or mechanic when something goes wrong.

But when it comes to a Daewoo appliance like a fridge or freezer it is much more difficult to find a way to get it repaired. Or at least it used to be, at Repair Aid we have made it our mission to provide professional, high-quality appliance repairs.

Daewoo is just one of the many manufacturers our experienced, professional repairmen and technicians can help with. So, before paying out to buy a replacement call the Repair Aid team!

Repairing an appliance is usually much cheaper than buying a new one and you won’t have to learn how a new appliance works, because your old one can be given a new lease of life.

Why Choose Repair Aid?

Daewoo cars like we said earlier can go to a mechanic and we can be the mechanic for Daewoo appliances! Like any good mechanic, we work fast and ensure all our repairmen and technicians receive regular, informative and high-quality training. This ensures that we are kept up to date with all the latest developments and repair techniques.

But that’s just the start of the benefits of coming to Repair Aid for any appliance repairs you might have. We offer same-day and next-day appointment so it’s highly likely you will be able to get your appliances repaired on the same day!

Because we know how difficult things can get when something like a fridge or freezer isn’t working as it should. So, if you need professional appliance repairs for any Daewoo appliance come to Repair Aid, we offer a guarantee with every repair and the majority of jobs can be completed onsite.

About Daewoo

You probably already know that Daewoo is more famous for its cars, but it’s also proven to be a popular appliance manufacturer. They produce a number of home appliances under their Daewoo Electronics brand including cookers, washing machines, dryers, microwave ovens, tumble dryers, dishwashers, and vacuum cleaners.

It’s certainly an expansive range of appliances, isn’t it? So, it’s highly likely many households throughout the UK have some type of Daewoo appliance in them. The Daewoo Electronics UK operation centre was established in 1993 but the brand has gone from strength to strength since.

Common Daewoo Faults

Daewoo cars might be more difficult to repair than their impressive range of appliances but that doesn’t mean you should attempt repairs on your own. Not when Repair Aid is here to help you! Attempting repairs can easily cause more damage so don’t risk it and call in the experts instead.

With so many appliances under their brand, common faults vary when it comes to Daewoo but some to keep an eye out for include electrical and wiring issues, damaged drums with washing machines and dryers and faulty doors and switches. You might not experience anything for a long time but when you do call in the Repair Aid team to help.

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