Diplomat Appliance Repairs

Diplomat Appliance Repairs

Diplomat appliances might not be available in shops anymore (at least brand-new appliances) but they are still in many people’s homes today. So, in a way, the Diplomat name lives on however due to the brand no longer being available your options are limited when it comes to appliance repairs.

Or at least they used to be! At Repair Aid we are ready to change that, our team of experienced engineers and technicians have a wealth of training so can handle any appliance repairs. Considering many Diplomat appliances are quite old now, repairs are more likely to be needed and getting our team to repair your appliance will be sure to save you money.

Buying new appliances is going to be expensive and let’s be honest trading in your trusted old appliances for something else you’ve never used before can be a real hassle. So, why not give your old Diplomat appliance a new lease of life instead?

Why Choose Repair Aid?

Diplomat appliances are in a rather odd position because they are no longer being manufactured so finding a repairman or firm that is knowledgeable about them could be difficult. But we have some good news for you because if you’re reading this you have already found a repair team who can assist you.

Our engineers aren’t just trained to help with new and modern appliances they are trained to help with older appliances as well. Plus, because we carry a variety of components with us in our trusty Repair Aid vans, we will be sure to have spare parts to use in any repair job.

Next-day and same-day appointment services are also available through Repair Aid, so we will work to match your schedule. The good news doesn’t end there either because we also offer a guarantee for every repair we do.

About Diplomat Appliances

Diplomat is a rather unusual case because pinpointing exactly when it came to be is a bit of a mystery. But we do know that both it and its sister brand Hygena were owned by the MFI furniture group, not the most exciting answer given the mystery I know but there you have it.

So, Diplomat was a UK appliance brand which gave it a level of popularity in the UK. Unfortunately, nowadays you’re only going to be seeing Diplomat in second-hand or charity shops since the MFI group ceased trading in 2008.

Common Diplomat Faults

Diplomat kitchen appliances include cookers, freezers, ovens and even smaller products like kettles. But because many are quite old now issues like wiring problems, damaged components, and faulty switches are a lot more commonplace. So, if you have a Diplomat appliance in your home there is a good chance it will suffer a common fault of some kind.

But a common fault doesn’t have to be the death knell of an appliance because even if Diplomat no longer exists we can still help you get any of their appliances repaired. It’s doesn’t matter what type of appliance it is either, read on to find out why you should trust us to handle your repairs.

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