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Fagor might not be a name that instantly grabs your attention but there is a wide-array of different appliances under their brand name. This includes cookers, fridges, oven tops, dishwashers, wine coolers and even a range of smaller electronic appliances! With so many different appliances under their brand, it’s highly likely many people have some kind of Fagor appliance in their home.

But while you might not be experiencing any issues right now trust me you will eventually. You can always count on your appliances to break down when you least expect it and when they do you are going to need a professional repairman to help you.

When it comes to home appliance repairs just reading the instructions manual isn’t going to help you. But don’t worry the Repair Aid team is here to help you! We offer a valuable, professional repair service that can help anyone who owns a Fagor appliance.

Why Choose Repair Aid

There are many reasons to choose Repair Aid when it comes to any type of appliance repair! First of all, we are locally based to you which means we can get to you quickly, because who wants to be left without an appliance like a washing machine or cooker?

We don’t just offer next-day appointments but also same-day appointments as well, so we can get to you quickly. You can also be sure any repairs the Repair Aid team carry out will be of the highest quality because you get a guarantee as standard with every repair no matter the appliance.

All the repairmen and technicians at Repair Aid are experienced professionals and they receive annual training in all areas of appliance repairs. This means we will always be at the cutting edge of the latest developments. So, if you own a Fagor appliance that isn’t working correctly we can get it back in working order.

About Fagor

Fagor is a large Spanish appliance manufacturer under the Mondragon Corporation, it’s one of the largest appliance manufacturers in Spain today which is even more remarkable when you know it started out in a small workshop in 1956. While you might not know the Fagor name it actually markets its products under many different brand names depending on the country.

UK audiences might be more familiar with the Thomson and Ocean brand names, for example. However, while Fagor was certainly a huge name it still went into administration in 2013 and certain parts of the business where bought by its competitors.

Common Fagor Faults

For all intents and purposes, the Fagor brand is no longer in operation in the UK, however many of their products are still being used and there is a strong presence in second-hand shops of Fagor appliances. However, with no manufacturer available to assist you what should you do if your Fagor appliance ever breaks down?

Well, that is where the Repair Aid team can help. Due to their age now Fagor appliances will commonly need new components/ parts sooner or later and at Repair Aid, we can replace any faulty components and repair any other general faults.

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