Your Haier Appliance Repair

Haier Appliance Repair

Haier is a manufacturer with a vast array of products, but they differ to many other manufacturers because they have specialist commercial products alongside their more commonly available consumer products. But whether it’s a commercial product or a consumer one at Repair Aid we can help you get it fixed.

You’ll find a wide variety of different freezers and fridges under the Haeir name along with laundry appliances like washing machines and even more niche appliances like wine coolers. Their commercial appliances are bio-medical in nature and are commonly used in pharmacies and hospitals.

While Haier is known for high-quality they can still break down and suffer errors which is why you should always call in an experienced and professional repair team to assist you. At Repair Aid, we offer a variety of repair services that can help you get your Haier appliance working again.

Why Choose Repair Aid

So, you might be thinking why should I choose Repair Aid? While it’s true we likely aren’t the only appliance repair specialist near you we can deliver a service, no one can match! But don’t worry we’ll go into more detail about why our service is so valuable.

Let’s start with our technicians, shall we? At Repair Aid our technicians are experienced professionals with a vast history of professional repairs. They also receive regular training to ensure they are kept up to date with all the latest developments and industry repair techniques.

We are so confident in our technician’s ability that we also offer a guarantee with all our repairs. Finally, at Repair Aid, we also offer both same-day and next-day appointment services so what more could you need from a repair specialist? So, if you have a Haier appliance of any kind that is need of repairs just get in touch with our team!

About Haier

If you’ve been reading through our manufacturer’s pages you might have already seen the Haier name referenced once or twice. This large Chinese manufacturer owns a number of other brand names including Fisher & Paykel.

Haier is also under two different subsidiaries the Qingdao Haier Co., Ltd and Haier Electronics Group Co and despite only forming in 1984 it is believed to be one of the largest (possibly even the largest) whitegoods business in the world! The Haier group is always expanding, and its latest acquisition was General Electric’s appliance division.

Common Haier faults

Haier produces many different appliances and now control many different brands, they are active all around the world so nailing down what each appliances common faults are (if there are any) is going to be very difficult. But at Repair Aid, we offer a very versatile and flexible repair service that can assist with all kinds of repairs.

Haier appliances may be large in number and variety but common faults like damaged or faulty components and electrical issues can occur on all kinds of appliance can’t they? So, if you have an appliance in need of repairs call in the Haier team today.

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