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Repairing and servicing Hotpoint products is part of the everyday tasks that our servicemen have to accomplish. Because there are so many of these machines out there we are not only familiar with them and draw from a base of experience and knowledge, we can also identify problems super quick.

Same day call outs with the parts ready in the hands of our engineers will speed up to the solution to your Hotpoint domestic appliance crisis.

All our Repair Aid engineering and technical staff undergo ongoing training despite having formal qualifications. This means that they remain up to date with the latest technology across all the manufacturers and will recognise a problem and its solutions without having to enter a trial an error scenario.

Finally, we are so confident of our expertise that we offer a one year guarantee with all the work that we do that you also have peace of mind when using our service.

We repair all large built-in, integrated and freestanding Hotpoint appliances:

About Hotpoint

Hotpoint™ originated in the United States when Earl Richardson introduced the Hotpoint iron in 1905. It took until 1911 for the company itself to be incorporated. In 1912 the Company started production of electric irons. In 119 it moved onto including cookers in its production. Hotpoint’s claim to fame is that they were the first to start manufacturing toasters and the Hotpoint toaster was the best-known brand in the US during the 1920s and 30s.

Later merging with General Electric, it continues to manufacture most of its US machines at the Kentucky plant that was developed by GE in the early twentieth century. GE eventually sold its appliance division to Haier in China after US regulators prevented the sale to Electrolux. In 2007 Indesit took Hotpoint over completely integrating with its own Ariston brand in the UK. In 2011 the Hotpoint brand was rolled out replacing all the Ariston and Hotpoint-Ariston brands. Later when Whirlpool bought just below 60 percent of the shares Hotpoint retained its brand which we still see today.

Understanding that a dishwasher saves up to an hour a day in household related tasks often sells it without looking any further. The highest efficiency rating at A+++ is what places Hotpoint at the upper end of the mid-range median of the market. With similar bells and whistles to the other models that competitors market, Hotpoint is a global leader.

With extra quiet machines that have zoned washing areas for cleaner results, Hotpoint are on a par with the higher end manufacturers. Using motors that conserve energy as well as systems that conserve water Hotpoint have killed two birds with one stone in terms of both washing machines and dishwashers. Offering machines that have high load capacities as well as electronic controls means that everything runs a lot smoother than it did a few years ago.

With multiple different technologies that they have developed across different appliances such as anti-allergy technology in washing and food freshness in cooling, you would really have to go into a showroom to experience why these machines are the leaders in terms of sales revenue.


Hotpoint™ dishwashers as a rule have a higher loading capacity and can wash quicker than most other machines while still getting everything clean. Practical design means they are easier to use even for the young and the disabled. Designers have not only considered how to integrate tech into a time saving device, but also considered the needs of different kinds of users.

Integrating Dual Space which means that the top basket when full can easily be moved to access the bottom basket makes good sense. This is an essential part of the Hotpoint superior design.

Fridges and Freezers

While temperature makes a huge difference when deciding on a new appliance there are now new technologies that influence decision making. Hotpoint™ have an interesting new technology where oxygen molecules are released into the crisper section keeping fruit and veg fresh for longer. Combined with temperature control these fridges keep food fresher for much longer.

Temperature variation also means that the fridge can be set to any temperature between 0 degrees and 26 degrees Celsius to suit the needs of the produce that you are storing. When going on holiday you still need to leave your fridge running but can set it to 12 degrees constant while the door is closed, saving you on energy bills, a real bonus for the penny pinchers amongst us.

Washing Machines

Perhaps anti-allergy care settings are what has brought Hotpoint™ back to the top of the ratings with the UK public. Combined technology such as the steam technology at the end of a wash which provides a thorough clean with the faster washing cycles and higher energy efficiency has added to this popularity.

EcoTech means that the machine has an energy rating of A+ or above and meets environmental standards within its EcoWash or Eco Cycles.

The big guns from the Hotpoint stable are the Stain removing programmes which can move up to 40 different stains, and as many three different stains in a single wash. No prewash required and clever drum and detergent management now make all this possible.

Tumble Dryers

Hotpoint™ have again considered every possible customer when developing their tumble dryers. In a similar fashion to the washing machines, they also boast anti-allergy capacity. However, in some areas these tumble dryers exceed expectations even in comparison to the high-end market. With soft and cuddly toy settings and crease care options, ironing may well become a thing of the past.

With programmes for different dryness levels these machines have a refresh programme which means you can refresh items once the machine has completed its job.

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