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Hygena Appliance Repair

Hygena was a popular appliance brand in the UK at one time, they offered a variety of household appliances including washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, oven hoods, and cookers. However, while the Hygena brand is no longer trading many of their older appliances are still in use and some are likely still available in second-hand shops.

Their age combined with their more budget-friendly design means that problems and faults are likely going to be more common. And of course, since Hygena is no longer actually trading you can’t really call the manufacturer, can you?

But don’t worry the Repair Aid team can help you there and our wide-range of repair services will get any appliance working again. Unlike some repair engineers and services, we ensure we can fix products both new and old. So, if you have any type of Hygena appliance that needs repairing we are the people to call.

Why Choose Repair Aid

At Repair Aid, we pride ourselves on offering an amazing repair service no matter the age or condition of the appliance. Hygena appliances might not be in trading anymore but we can still help get them repaired. To help with this we carry an array of spare parts and components with us at all times to ensure any repairs can be done onsite.

We also offer a guarantee with every repair we carry out, so you can be sure any repair carried out by our team will be long-lasting and not just a quick patch-up job. We also provide same-day and next-day appointments as well, so we will be able to arrive quickly, which means you won’t be left waiting without an essential household appliance.

And best of all our repairmen have a wealth of experience and receive regular training, to ensure they are kept up to date with all the latest industry developments and repair procedures.

About Hygena

Hygena is certainly an unusual name, isn’t it? And if you don’t really recognise it that’s likely because the brand is no longer trading. Hygena was a relatively old brand dating back to the 1930‘s but it became more popular after getting bought by MFI in 1982.

Hygena appliances include ovens, cookers, oven hoods, hobs, washing machines, and dishwashers. So, there certainly was a lot of variety under the Hygena name and while the Hygena brand might not be around anymore many of their designs are as Argos use some of them for their own in store-brand appliances.

Common Hygena faults

Due to their age, Hygena appliances are likely going to suffer from the common faults that are brought on by age. Depending on the appliance this could include damaged components that need replacing, error codes, blocked or damaged pumps and drains and much more.

Because Hygena appliances are still being used today and are likely still a fixture in second-hand shops having a professional repair team at the ready will certainly come in handy. At Repair Aid, we don’t just focus our repair efforts on new appliances and big brand names we are just as able to repair older appliances as well.

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