Indesit Cooker Hood Repairs in London

You are unlikely to step into a modern kitchen and find that there is no cooker hood. Cooker hoods have become an accepted part of modern kitchen design even on the simplest of budgets. Cooker hoods however provide a lot more than filtering and purifying the air in a kitchen, removing the grease and grime to make it odour free and easy to breathe. Cooker hoods can provide that little bit of panache to an otherwise ordinary kitchen, putting it on the neighbourhood map as a must see.

Types of hood

No two hoods are made alike however and there are different types of hood in line with the different needs that may arise in any kitchen. One kitchen may need a completely different hood to another kitchen, the decision being based on several factors. Not only the kitchen design will influence this, but other factors such as the overall architecture and structure of the home, bearing in mind also where in the home the kitchen is located. The three most common types of Cooking hoods are the chimney hoods, integrated hoods and visor hoods, each serving its own purpose. Chimney hoods incorporate a canopy adjoined by a chimney above it and they work exactly as their name implies.

Integrated hoods fit inside the existing cabinetry of the kitchen and have usually been included in part of the original design. Even in the event where this is not the case most cooker hoods are designed to fit into standard design kitchens. The third type are called visor hoods and are installed beneath the kitchen cabinets. They are small and compact although they do remain visible.

How they work

Cooker hoods work in one of two ways to recirculate and clean the air in the kitchen. The first is via a ducting system where it draws the air out of the kitchen through a duct to the outside so that the odours and other elements in the air can disperse. The second is through filtration which captures the grease and the odours in a filter before releasing the air back into the kitchen environment.

Cooker hoods all have different speed settings which can be found next to the light and power switch. These control the airflow which has a direct influence of how effectively the odours are dissipating. Indesit Cooker hoods have a reputation for being some of the quietest on the market. This important to remember as noisy hoods can be a little overwhelming.


Cooker hoods are one of those appliances that are hidden in plain sight. It isn’t until they experience a few problems that we realise that we take them for granted. There are a few common problems that may arise with regular use of a cooker hood. If the light does not switch on it could be something as simple as the bulb needing changed. Check the bulb and change it before you call your service centre.

The extraction system may not be working particularly well. This becomes evident when the lack of air flow Becomes a problem. To troubleshoot before calling an engineer, you can check that the vent or air hose has not developed a kink or become blocked. In recirculation mode the carbon filters may need replacement. This is a surprisingly common solution to the problem. Secondary to this are the grease filters, checking that they are clean too. Something as basic as the ducting change over lever being in the wrong position can cause headaches with extraction, a simple solution that takes seconds to fix. Finally checking that the room is well ventilated and the correct speed on the fan are selected, you should be able to troubleshoot most problems. If problems persist then you will need to call a cooker hood repair engineer.

Independent Indesit repair company

Apart from changing filters and making the necessary basic checks there are very few householders that know their way around the electrical workings of a cooker hood. Our engineers are trained to service and repair specific models from specific manufacturers, Indesit included. This means that they can identify the problem and rectifying it quickly because of their familiarity with the brand. Ongoing professional development also means that as new models are released onto the market our engineers are kept up to date with the latest developments and can manage the technology that is involved. With very high standards of training, no call out charge, no hidden extras like parking charges and same day or next day service, Repair Aid offer a professional and speedy solution to your cooker hood problems.

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