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Indesit manufacture both gas and electric cookers, however it is their electric range that has really put them on the map. With the development of more homes that are off the gas grid and now even greater demand for electric cookers in non urbanised areas.

Electric cookers are easy to install to install, and Indesit now have brought more to the table in terms of technology and design. With easy cleaning design, it is now possibly to remove the glass front from the cooker to clean it thoroughly.

From entry level basic standalone cookers to higher end standalone electric cookers that include digital clocks and controls you will be spoilt for choice. Indesit cookers are also offered with solid cooking plates as well as a ceramic hob. Each of these offer different technologies depending on the consumer’s needs.

With a choice of either a single cavity oven or two oven spaces Indesit have developed their cookers according to the changing needs of their customers. The energy ratings on their appliances clearly reflect this approach. With an average split of a 35-litre oven and a 65-litre oven, these cookers would never go amiss in a new home. The ceramic hobs offer four cooking zones are exceptionally efficient.

Because kitchens are designed differently, and cookers come in different shapes and sizes it is important to remember to measure both the space you have and the appliance you are purchasing to be sure that there will be a good fit.


The very first rule of thumb when your electric appliance isn’t working is to check whether its switched on. This may seem to be a no brainer but with electric cookers its goes a lot further than checking that the on off switch works. Has it been turned on at the wall, and is the light on at the circuit breaker. If the cooker is tuned on as normal and it has been turned on at the wall, but the circuit breaker light is not on, then you will need to check a few other things too. Make sure that there hasn’t been a power cut, or the power hasn’t tripped on the circuit that services the kitchen from the main board. By inspecting the main board, you will be able to see if the electric circuit for the kitchen alone has tripped or the entire house.

When only one circuit trips, this is usually a sign that the circuit cannot manage the load capacity it is bearing. If your cooker has been newly installed, the first thing you should check is whether it has been wired correctly and may need to recall the electrician responsible for the installation.

Poor cooking results may be as a consequence of a few issues, usually involving the fan. There are two kinds of fan that are found in an oven, a circulatory fan and a cooling fan. Most modern ovens have a circulating fan as standard and it is when these fail that food doesn’t cook evenly. The fan is an important part of oven function and failure may have a domino effect on the wellbeing of the oven elsewhere. It is therefore important to address problems with the fan as soon as possible.

If you hear a fan running after you have turned off the appliance, chances are that your appliance has also been fitted with a cooling fan. The cooling fan in your Indesit oven is designed to continue for up to 30 minutes after the oven has been turned off. If it continues much longer than that, monitor the fan and call your local reliable service and repair engineer.

Independent Indesit repair service

Few households can go very long without a cooker. Even single person households can only live on microwave meals for so long before it becomes a problem. Electrical appliances that are not working properly, and in particular electric cookers should be attended to quickly. These appliances are connected to the main electric circuitry of your home and if faulty can be responsible for a devastating house fire.

When you call our service and repair helpline, we will help you to identify the type of problem that you are experiencing so that when we send out your same day or next day service engineer, your problem can be dealt with on site. A quick discussion will also mean that we can establish whether we need to source any parts or whether we already have the parts in the vehicle. All Repair Aid service engineers are fully qualified and licenced to maintain, repair and install your electric cooker. They have also been specifically trained to work with your Indesit appliance and will be familiar with the brand and the model. Furthermore, you can rest assured that the price you are given is the price you will pay as we do not add a call out fee or parking fee to the bill.

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