Your John Lewis Appliance Repair

John Lewis Appliance Repair

John Lewis is another name I am sure many people in the UK recognise, their Christmas adverts are practically an annual tradition aren’t they? You might just think it’s a luxury or more high-end retailer, but John Lewis does have their own range of appliances as well.

This includes washing machines, tumble dryers, washer-dryer hybrids, fridges, freezers, dishwashers, cookers and more. John Lewis appliances are on average more expensive then many of their rivals as well, but they are designed to be much more luxurious.

However, that higher price tag won’t protect you from everything and it’s highly likely that one day sooner or later you will need to call on the services of a professional repairman. But finding high-quality repair services isn’t easy especially for a fair price but at Repair Aid, we are the people to call. Just read on to find out more about how we can help you.

Why Choose Repair Aid

Repair Aid offers a number of great benefits that ensure any repair our team carries out will be of the highest quality. First of all, the Repair Aid team are locally based this means we offer a very fast service and work to your schedule. You’ll never be left waiting in for our team, we’ll arrange to come at a time that is convenient to you.

We offer both next-day and same-day appointments and when our team does arrive you can be sure they’ll have all the spare parts and components they could need with them. We use our vans as our own personal mobile warehouses so the repairs we do can usually always be carried out onsite.

We even offer a guarantee as standard with all our repairs, no matter the condition or age of the appliance. And with our experienced, professional team on the job, any repairs will be long-lasting and high-quality.

About John Lewis

The first and arguably most famous John Lewis shop actually opened in 1864 on Oxford Street, and the rest is history! John Lewis slowly expanded around the UK and they also opened shops using the name Jessop and Son. In early 2000 many of these shops were rebranded under the John Lewis name.

Globally John Lewis has a smaller presence than many of their competitors, but they do have shops in Northern Ireland and Australia some of which only opened in 2017. A representation of the British high-street in many ways John Lewis is a UK brand with a lot of history behind it.

Common John Lewis appliances faults

John Lewis is certainly known for their high-end and luxurious products but like we always say the brand name doesn’t dictate anything when it comes to faults and errors. So, just because you have a John Lewis appliance it doesn’t mean you’ll be protected from basic faults and errors.

There might not be any well-known or more common faults to be aware of, but general issues are still going to be a risk. But at Repair Aid, we can help with all kinds of appliance faults from replacing damaged components to carrying in-depth diagnostics and much more.

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5 simple reasons why our clients choose us

  1. 1 1 year guarantee on all appliance repairs
  2. 2 Same and next day visits at no additional cost
  3. 3 No hidden costs, no call out charges, no parking fees
  4. 4 Local repair engineers available 6 days a week
  5. 5 Weekend appointments at no extra charge

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