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Logik Appliance Repair

Logik is another example of a UK brand that has got an unusual history, Logik is actually the in-store brand of Dixons and is now sold through Curry’s as well. Washing machines are the most common appliance to see bearing the Logik brand name but there are a variety of other appliances under the name.

Some other examples include televisions and microwaves to name just a few. Logik like many other store brands is designed to be more budget friendly and because they are relatively unknown when compared to other UK brands knowing who to turn to when it comes to repairs or error fixes isn’t always easy is it?

But at Repair Aid, we provide that valuable service and thanks to our team or experienced, professional technicians and repairmen we can confidently tackle any Logik appliance repair. So, if you own a Logik appliance of any type get in touch with our team today.

Why Choose Repair Aid

With an experienced professional team in all areas of our organisation, you can always count on the Repair Aid team to carry out a high-quality, professional repair job. We offer a guarantee with every repair we carry out which shows just how confident we are in our ability when it comes to professional home appliance repairs.

We aren’t just efficient and professional we are also very fast! This means we can get to you quickly and we offer both same-day and next-day appointments. We also carry all the spare parts and components we could possibly need with us in or vans which means the majority of repair jobs we carry out can be completed onsite.

Best of all every Repair Aid technician and engineer receive annual training to ensure they are always kept up to date with the latest industry news and developments when it comes to appliance repairs.

About Logik Appliances

We mentioned a lot of Logik’s history in the opening, didn’t we? But as Dixons own in-store brand they have been able to rise relatively quickly in the UK. The ease of their availability and budget-friendly price tag and made them quite popular. Like many in-store brand appliances, Logik actually utilises many different pre-existing designs in their manufacturing process.

For example, many of their products are similar to other manufacturers appliances in some way. Their washing machines are similar to Daewoo machines, Logik might not be one of the big brand names in the UK but for as long as Dixons remains a popular retailer they will likely always be available.

Common Logik appliances faults

Logik is a more budget-friendly appliance manufacturer and this comes with some great benefits but also some disadvantages. While budget-friendly doesn’t mean poor quality, it does mean there is the increased risk of certain faults and errors, for example, weaker materials will usually be used in their construction so you could easily find yourself needing new replacement parts.

They might also break down more easily or in the case of washing machines and tumble dryers the pump, drainage systems and filters might get blocked more easily. So, if you have a Logik appliance and it isn’t working correctly then the Repair Aid team can help.

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