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Every Repair Aid engineer and technician that arrives to service your Siemens appliance has been trained to highest standard. We take pride in the quality of our engineering staff and invest in ongoing in house training. This means that the qualifications our technicians carry never become dated. You can rest assured that whether you bought your appliance yesterday or yesteryear, our staff have the skill to repair it.

With the in-depth knowledge gained from our training and expertise our staff are highly qualified to get the job done, same day, with the right parts at your premises. Additionally, we offer guarantees with all our work.

We repair the following Siemens kitchen appliances:

  • ovens and steam ovens
  • hobs and cooker hoods
  • warming drawers
  • cooktop ventilation
  • washing machines
  • tumble dryers
  • washer dryers
  • full-size dishwashers
  • slimline dishwashers
  • fridge-freezers
  • fridges
  • American style fridge-freezers
  • freezers
  • wine coolers

Siemens – A global influence

Siemens™ started out in Germany by developing the telegraph.  Innovative from the start they started with a new telegraph design with a needle that pointed to the sequence of letters rather than using Morse code to send messages. This development was followed shortly thereafter with Siemens™ developing the longest telegraph line in Europe.

Founded by Werner von Siemens and Johann George Halske in Germany. It took until 1897 for the company to become incorporated but its rapid development into diverse fields of electrical, electronic and industrial development is eye watering.

Aside from having interests in appliance manufacture Siemens™ has become a Global group of companies with interests in telecommunications, industrial machinery, computing and software amongst many others.


It would appear that Siemens developed the concept of innovation since from the very start it has been innovation that has driven their business.  The world of remote control is no longer about family struggles over television channels. Siemens™ connect your appliances to your phone regardless of where in the world you happen to be. But it’s not just about switching things on and off, the Home Connect app even helps you to select the correct programme for the task. A few short years ago, starting the laundry before you get home, or preheating the oven while you’re on the train was simply a sci-fi fantasy. It is now a reality living in homes across the country. Learn more about the Siemens iSensoric Series.

All their machines connect with this fabulous technology, which means that you can even operate your coffee machine on the way home.

Siemens™ haven’t just innovated in terms of controls though.

No more guessing when the laundry is dry. Siemens™ tumble dryers are fitted with sensors that will know when the garments are dry enough to stop. With an easy multi touch display, it’s easy to navigate the operation of their machines


Offering everything that their competitors do and more Siemens™ leave no room for the imagination. It appears that they have thought of everything. With considerate design making accessibility to the front loaded dishwasher a new experience they manufacture standalone and integrated dishwashers. They also manufacture slimline dishwashers so the discerning customer can still enjoy their high end technological solutions in any environment. With a unique Zeolite technology, Siemens™ dishwashers reduce humidity by up to 15 percent, leaving glassware crustal clear and no soapy suds on the ceramics. All machines are fitted with sensors so you don’t have to guess if the job has been done properly.

Fridges and Freezers

With flexible food storage in a cooling environment Siemens™ have mastered the art of making technology look good too. Whether you want a white appliance or one with a silver finish all Siemens™ appliances have a sleek modern appearance that is pleasing to the eye, Integrated appliances can be installed as part of the overall kitchen design blending in with cabinets and other features. Their appliances are highly efficient most of which the top A+++ energy rating so the return on investment becomes clear when the energy bills start coming in.

The hyperfresh system means food stays fresh for up to three times longer. Perhaps the most exciting innovation is that different temperatures can be controlled with different compartments. This means that highly perishable produce can be stored at different temperatures to produce that retains a longer shelf life and with reduced moisture food items stay fresh for longer.

Washing Machines

In all their marketing materials Siemens™ make it clear that they do not manufacture to meet expectations, they build machines to exceed them. This approach is so obviously an accurate description of their products. Despite all the technology that has gone into their machines, with A+++ energy ratings and internal sensors, these machines are quiet too. Washing speed can be increased during the wash, when suddenly time becomes a factor. Whoever dreamt that a washing machine would one day have an accelerator!

Apart from being able to control your washing from wherever you are in the world through a remote app, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d entered the space age with all the additional features once you arrive home. For the discerning customer that appreciates how tech changes our lives for the better, Siemens™ is clearly the answer.

Tumble Dryers

When a high capacity tumble dryer can sense whether its load is dry or not, you’ll want to take a closer look. But then you’ll also discover that the machine cleans itself too and all that with a 9kg load to boot. Siemens™ have made it look like bringing high tech to domestic appliances is child’s play. Of course, it’s not, but with a long history of research and development and the investment that continues it is not surprising that they lead the global high end market with their appliances. It’s hard to beat. The fact that the machine cleans itself while it is operating and does not require a separate operation speaks for itself.

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