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Smeg appliances are expensive and although there are some cheaper models available on average if you want a Smeg product you’ll be paying a higher price for it. Many people are happy to do this though which is why Smeg have remained a popular manufacturer for a number of years now.

Across their array of products, you’ll find cookers, ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, coffee machines, wine cabinets and of course fridges. But whatever appliance you have can you imagine the annoyance if it suddenly stops working? While Smeg appliances might be high-quality and upmarket it doesn’t mean they can’t suffer faults.

All appliances regardless of the manufacturer can can’t they? So, don’t take that brand name as a mark of protection. But if your Smeg appliance does suffer an error or is damaged in some way then we can help you get it fixed, read on to find out more about how we can help.

Why Choose Repair Aid

So, now you know what some of the faults you need to watch out for are, what should you do if your Smeg appliance does start showing signs of faults or errors? Well, you simply call in the Repair Aid team of course! At Repair Aid our experienced and professional team can help you with a wide-range of problems.

Our engineers receive annual training to ensure they are always kept up to date on the latest industry developments. We aren’t just efficient at Repair Aid we are also very fast and can even get to you on the same-day you report your appliance in the vast majority of cases.

Finally, at Repair Aid, we also carry all the spare components we could possibly need with us. Our vans aren’t just a mode of transportation they act as our own personal mobile warehouses! So, we will have all the spare parts and components we could need.

About Smeg

Smeg is often thought to be American but it’s actually an Italian manufacturer that was established in 1948! Smeg is described as an upmarket appliance manufacturer and many of their designs are an interesting hybrid of retro and modern! Smeg fridges, in particular, are very popular and a common sight in more expensive kitchens.

The Smeg company was established by Vittorio Bertazzoni and Smeg is still owned by the Bertazzoni family today! Although it is of course much larger than it once was, and its range of appliances as greatly expanded over the years.

Common Smeg faults

Due to their more luxurious design and the higher quality materials used in their construction Smeg appliances have maintained a very respected reputation. So, there haven’t really been any patterns of faults or examples of manufacturing problems and errors. However, all kinds of appliances regardless of the manufacturer are all still susceptible to common errors and faults.

Smeg appliances can suffer wiring issues and damage just as easily as more basic, budget-friendly appliances. The errors and faults you need to watch out for will all depend on the type of appliance you have with fridges, for example, you could suffer defrosting problems, damaged lining and issues with the door to name just a few of the possibilities.

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