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Teka Appliance Repair

Home appliances come in many forms don’t they and you can probably get most of them from Teka! They have a split approach to their products focusing on two themes namely kitchens and bathrooms. But while you might love your appliances trust me if they ever stop working you will grow to hate them.

Any appliance that won’t work is a real nightmare even a small non-essential appliance like a microwave can be very troublesome. Although a more essential appliance like a washing machine or cooker that is faulty can be very difficult to deal with as I’ am sure you can imagine.

But when an appliance you have doesn’t work what should you do? Well, many people will instantly want to go out and buy a replacement but before you do that why not let our team fix it for you instead! It will save you time and money and we can get to you quickly, read on to find out more.

Why Choose Repair Aid

So, why should you choose Repair Aid for your Teka appliance repairs? Or any other manufacturers appliance? Well, why give just one reason when I can give you many! Let’s count them down.

  1. Experienced Repairmen: All our engineers and repairmen have a wealth of experience and receive annual training to ensure they are always in the know when it comes to new techniques and industry developments.
  2. Repair Guarantees: We are confident in our ability to repair a wide variety of issues and faults so offer a guarantee with every repair we carry out. It doesn’t matter what the age or condition of the appliance is you’ll get our guarantee.
  3. Quick and Efficient Service: No one wants to be left waiting in for the repairman do they? So, we offer both same and next-day appointments and because we carry an assortment of spare parts with us the majority of repairs can be completed straight away onsite.

About Teka

Teka is a German manufacturer that many people likely know due to its strong sports sponsorship presence. This German manufacturer was established in 1924 and as expanded throughout the world, it currently as 14 factories and sends its products to over 100 different countries.

Ovens, exhaust fans, hoods, washing machines, freezers, fridges and much more are all manufactured by Teka. It as a strong European presence but is also a big name in Asia as well. Teka might not be a name many people instantly recognise but they are certainly one of the biggest and oldest manufacturers in operation today.

Common Teka Faults

With so many different products under their brand, you could quite easily kit out your whole kitchen and bathroom with Teka products. However, before you do that are there any common Teka faults you need to know about? While there are no error patterns or mass reports of faulty products common electrical issues could affect any appliance.

A few people have also reported having issues with Teka ovens that don’t light, but at Repair Aid, we can help with that problem and many more. So, whatever Teka appliance you have if it needs repairing we can help.

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