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We never really think much about our home appliances do we? Sure, we might when we get them but who really stops to think during their day about the current status of their washing machine or whether their cooker will work tonight? That’s the problem really because we don’t think about them faults and errors can easily sneak up on us.

When an appliance doesn’t work many people will do one of two things, they’ll even try and fix it themselves or just get rid of it and buy a new one if they can. Both these options are bad ideas though, attempting to fix something on your own will either just cause further damage or more seriously harm you!

While buying a replacement is going to be expensive and will mean you’ll have to get used to using a new appliance which could take a while. So, instead why not call in the Repair Aid team, we provide a wide range of appliance repair services and can help fix any Zerowatt appliance.

Why Choose Repair Aid

An experienced, professional repairman is hard to find but at Repair Aid, we have a whole team of them ready and waiting to help! Appliances come in all shapes and sizes and every manufacturer is different but at Repair Aid our team is well versed in all aspects of appliance repairs.

So, if you have a Zerowatt appliance that needs fixing we are the people to call! Our repairmen receive regular training to ensure they are always up to date on the latest industry developments. New repair techniques are being discovered all the time after all and we offer both next-day and same-day appointments.

You get a guarantee with every repair we carry out as well! And because we use our vans as our own mobile warehouses we will be sure to have all the parts we need to carry out any repairs onsite. We are fast, professional and the people to call if you need assistance with any household appliance.

About Zerowatt

Zerowatt was established in 1949 and this Italian appliance business has a large number of different products under their name. You’ll find washing machines, cookers, fridges, dishwashers and even hoovers. Zerowatt was very, passionate about bringing Italian designs to home appliances and many of their products have a more stylish edge to them.

Zerowatt is now owned by their fellow Italian manufacturer Candy and while the brand name is still used in some countries it isn’t often seen in the UK. But if you do have a Zerowatt appliance that isn’t working correctly we can help.

Common Zerowatt faults

Zerowatt has a large number of different appliances under their brand name and while they are a relatively high-quality manufacturer there is one big problem when it comes to repairing faults. And that is the fact that many people don’t actually know who Zerowatt is in the UK.

However, with Repair Aid helping you this won’t be a problem because we pride ourselves on offering a specialist service for all manufacturers. And Zerowatt is just one of the many appliance manufacturers we can help you with, they might not be seen a lot in the UK, but people do still use them and if they aren’t working correctly we can help.

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