Everything You Need To Know About The Siemens iSensoric Series

There’s no doubt that Siemens is at the forefront of supplying quality household appliances to homes all across the UK. The German powerhouse has been at the heart of technological advancements throughout history, with the company having reached its 170th year of existence in 2018. But such companies don’t last that long by resting on their laurels, and Siemens is one of the best examples of a business that drives innovation. This approach is prevalent in Siemens’ appliance arm too, with every new washing machine, fridge, freezer and dishwasher fitted with ground-breaking technology – of which the latest is iSensoric.

What Is iSensoric?

Siemens iSensoric Series

As aforementioned, Siemens is a company known for pushing to, and beyond, the boundaries of modern technology – and it’s particularly well known for producing comprehensive solutions in the automation field. As such, the company has invested a lot in sensor technology – a key component of automated work. While mainly produced for the commercial world – such as for pressure management, weighing and monitoring – Siemens sensor technology also brings benefits that can be felt in every household through iSensoric.

The iSensoric technology is built into the latest batch of Siemens Home Appliance ranges and it utilises a network of sensors throughout the appliances to help better manage them – both with or without human input. The main iSensoric control unit, built upon Siemens impressive engineering capabilities, reads data from these sensors – comparing it to its own data-bank of knowledge – and processes it. The unit will then use this data to make decisions that can increase the maximum performance of the appliances.

Technically speaking, It’s impressive stuff – but does it actually translate to an improvement in your daily routines? To get to the bottom of that, let’s look at the benefits and technologies it brings to some household appliances.


Siemens iSensoric dishwasher


This is a feature that will automatically program a cycle to achieve the best results. It does this via the aquaSensor network. These sensors will automatically measure the turbidity of water in the dishwasher. This data is then fed to the iSensoric control unit where it will determine how dirty the water is, which gives it a reasonable idea of how dirty the dishes are and allows the unit to select the right cycle needed for an efficient clean. Along with data from other sensors, the unit determines the best processes required for effective washing and drying results.


This optional feature ramps up the spray pressure in the lower basket area to allow for particularly dirty pans to be thoroughly cleaned – while ensuring that delicate dishes in the upper basket area are unaffected by this process. This is controlled via the waterVolumeSensor, which measure the amount of water in the system, and the amount needed to rinse. This reduces the need to run separate delicate and non-delicate cycles and can reduce your water bill.

Washing Machines

Siemens iSensoric washing machine


Ever had clothes shrink while in the wash? With autoDry, that’ll be a thing of the past. The temperature senses the drying heat and adjusts it according to the types of materials within the machine, protecting your clothes against heat temperature and over-drying. Some models are equipped with a conductance sensor to measure what moisture remains in the clothes to further safeguard against over-drying. All of this technology ensures that your clothes are perfectly dried.


This technology is great not just for regular clothes, but also non-washable and sensitive textiles. The sensoFresh program eliminates kitchen smells and odours within 30 to 45 minutes by using safe active oxygen (ozone) to blast it away.


This feature will actually analyse your laundry in order to determine what amount of detergent would be suitable for the load, before then dispensing it. This is great if you want to save money on the amount of detergent that you use.

Fridge Freezers

Siemens iSensoric Fridge Freezer


With noFrost, you will never have to defrost your freezer again. This is because the technology stops frost and ice from building up by releasing any excess moisture to the outside when the door is opened, and by retaining the right internal humidity. Even if a build up were to happen, the freezer would automatically defrost itself. All of this together reduces energy consumption and energy bills.

HyperFresh premium

These 2 special drawers, exclusive to only a few of Siemens’ models, can control the humidity that the food within the drawers receives – helping the produce within to last up to 3 times as long as usual. This not only means less food wastage of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables, but also brings about savings on your food bill.


Siemens iSensoric oven


Using three measuring points, the roastingSensor is able to determine the internal temperature of food as it’s roasted. When the food is deemed to be perfectly cooked on the inside, the oven will stop the heat. This is an incredibly accurate way to cook poultry, beef, fish and gratins to perfection.


A great feature for bakers. This sensor consistently reads the levels of moisture in the oven’s interior and controls the oven’s power levels. It tells you when your dough is ready and needs to be taken out.

Great Customer Service

On top of the iSensoric technology, you’re going to get high performance home appliances that are robustly built to last. You will not only receive great customer service, but also a 5 year warranty on your product. Even if your appliance experiences a problem outside of that period, you can always phone a Siemens repair specialist, such as Repair Aid, to help out.

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