Washing machines error codes

Every home as a washing machine doesn’t it? Well maybe not them all but I think it’s fair to say that the majority of us having a washing machine because without one dealing with laundry is a much more difficult and time-consuming process.

Washing machines really have made a huge impact and nowadays there are some many different brands and types available. Washers might look very similar on the outside but there are many variants available.

Some models may have exclusive features, some might be able to dry clothes as well while others might have larger drums and therefore be able to wash more clothes in a single load. And that’s just a small sample of some of the differences, but while washing machines are undoubtedly incredible useful that doesn’t mean they will work flawlessly all the time.

Just like any other electrical appliance, there is always the chance of errors but washing machines do have a built-in help system in the form of error codes. You might not really know much about error codes if you’re lucky you might have avoided them but sooner or later you will see one. So, let’s find out exactly what they are and what they do.

What Are Error Codes?

Error codes act as diagnostic tools when your washing machines runs into a problem it will trigger an error code. This code will then be displayed, and you can use the code to identify what the problem is.

For example, if your washing machine overheats it will display an alternative error code to a problem with the drum or an overflow issue. Error codes are very useful because they allow you to know what the problem is right away however they won’t tell you what is causing the problem.

Error codes can also be displayed in numerous ways the most common way for them to be displayed is a sequence of letters and numbers. For example, A01 could mean an error with your washing machine’s door, while B01 could mean a heating issue.

Error codes can also be displayed with LED’s across you control panels as well usually alongside a more common letter/ number code. How your error codes are displayed will depend on the type and brand of your washing machine, there should be a section in your instruction manual that outlines exactly how your error code system works.

However, we know that not everyone hangs on to their instructions manual and that they can easily get misplaced which is why we have built our in-depth guides for the most popular brands of washing machine. So, if you want to find out more about your washing machine’s error codes check out our in-depth error code guides below.

Our Amazing Repair Service!

While error codes are undoubtedly incredibly useful they are when you come right down to it diagnostic tools. While they can guide you on what the problem is they can’t tell you what is causing it and the majority of errors will have more than one possible cause.

So, using error codes to try and carry out your own repairs is not recommended. Unless you are incredibly lucky you will usually just make the problem worse and cause more damage to your washing machine.

Which is why you should call in a professional repairman to assist you and this is where we come in! We have a number of professional, experienced and locally based repairmen working for us and they can help you with a wide variety of repairs.

Whatever the error is our repairmen will be able to get it fixed, even if new parts or components are needed we can do the job! Error codes are useful, but they are only half the solution so if you need washing machine repairs just get in touch.

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