Dishwasher Will Not Dispense Detergent

Dishwasher detergent comes in many different forms and styles, doesn’t it? You probably have your own favourite variant but what do you do when your dishwasher suddenly stops dispensing it? It can be a tricky issue to rectify because your first thought will be dealing with the detergent drawer and while that can be the problem sometimes it goes much deeper than that.

Believe me, your detergent not dispensing properly will make a big difference when it comes to the quality of your dishwasher’s performance! And you’ll be able to tell straight away that something is wrong, let’s take a look and find out what the cause of the problem could be.

Dishwasher Will Not Dispense Detergent

Problems With The Dispenser Door

If your dispenser door isn’t releasing detergent, then it could be because or a wide variety of problems. Dispenser doors aren’t invincible so if you notice any damage to them it could easily be causing them to not release properly, if your dishwasher is an older model then it could also simply be due to age. So, you might need to call in our dishwasher experts to handle a replacement for you.

But if your dishwasher’s dispenser door looks fine then examine in more closely because sometimes problems aren’t instantly noticeable. One common problem is the spring and hinge pin on the door not working properly. If either the pin or hinge is damaged in some way your door might look fine, but it won’t be able to dispense the detergent.

The Dispenser

If the problem isn’t with the dispenser door then it could be a problem with the dispenser itself. Your dispenser can easily get clogged after a few wash cycles, so you should make sure you regularly inspect it and clean it out.

A build-up of waste and excess detergent can happen fast so clean it out every so often and make sure you check the door seals, as well as sometimes a build-up, can prevent the door from sealing properly. If no water is being dispensed into the dispenser, then you should call in a professional engineer to get it examined for you.

The Rinse Aid Cap

Sometimes simply called the rinse cap this small component as an important job and it’s one part of your dishwasher I’ am sure not many people have heard of. So, what’s the rinse aid cap do exactly? The rinse aid cap can be found on the inner door of your dishwasher so examine the inner door panel carefully and you are sure to see it.

If you’re lucky the cap may simply have become loose and all you will need to do it readjust it back into place. But if it’s damaged in some way (they can become warped in high temperatures) then it will need replacing. The rinse aid cap is a common cause of dishwasher’s not releasing detergent so make sure you check for it.

The Wax Motor and Timer

Issues with the wax motor are exclusive to newer more modern dishwasher models I’ am afraid, so if you’re still using an older model this is one problem you don’t have to worry about. The wax motor is a relatively new component that releases the detergent dispenser door catch, in many ways, it’s a more advanced version of a simple hinge and pin system.

But just like those problems, similar issues can also occur with the wax motor. This will stop your dishwasher from releasing any detergent. Because the wax motor is all automatic (it’s activated by the dishwasher’s timer) investigating the cause of the problem can take some time.

If the timer isn’t working correctly then it could be stopping the wax motor from activating, however, the problem could also be with the motor itself. To test these sorts of issues you will need to call in our Repair Aid engineers, so they can test your machine’s electrics using a multi-meter and see what components need replacing.

So, that’s a look at all the possible reasons your dishwasher could suddenly stop dispensing detergent. Thankfully this is usually a problem you can avoid by ensuring you take the time to properly care and maintain your dishwasher.

Clean out the dishwasher every so often, to avoid a build-up of waste and if you’re lucky it might be a problem you’ll never have to deal with. But if you do then don’t panic because with our help and advice and of course the assistance of a professional and experienced repairman it will usually be an issue that can be quickly fixed so you can get back to washing your dishes.

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