Washing Machines, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Washing machines are something you’ll see in the vast majority of households because without them well let’s just say it wouldn’t be pleasant! But washing machines are complex appliances that seem deceptively simple.

You put washing powder in, turn a dial and press a button and it’s job done right? Well if everything is working correctly then in most cases that’s all you will need to do but when things don’t work correctly what do you do then?

What makes washing machines so troublesome is that when they do break down many people simply don’t know what to do. Which is why you should call in the Repair Aid team if this ever happens to you or at the very least check out our articles below.

We’ve compiled a group of helpful guides and articles that outline a wide range of advice and tips for washing machines.

Remember our guides/ articles below are simply for advice and handy tips if you’re experiencing a problem and are unsure about what to do the best move will be to call in our helpful, experienced, professional repair team. Washing machines are complex but essential appliances so when they don’t work we can help.

appliance engineer

How to Choose the Right Washing Machine Repair Service

Domestic appliances make our daily lives easier by handling essential household tasks. When a key appliance like a washing machine breaks down, it can disrupt ...

energy efficient laundry tips

20 Top Energy Efficient Laundry Tips

The washing machine, dryer and/or tumble dryer have become essentials of modern day home life. You’d be hard pressed to find homes in the UK ...

washing machines and water consumption

Which washing machine uses the least amount of water

In the UK, 2022 was a landmark year in our understanding of the water crises that plague much of the world. It’s something many of ...

washing machine rubber seal

Cleaning the Rubber Seal – Washing Machine Tips

You would expect the washing machine that you own to generate a level of cleanliness for your clothing. When it does not do this, people ...

modern washing machine

Why Does Your Washing Machine Motor Burn Out

A typical washing machine motor is built to last the lifespan of the whole unit. However, there are factors that can speed up the time ...

microplastics pollution

Microplastics – How to Stop Contributing to a Problem

You probably assume that you know about most of the plastic pollution that we do as humans. However, there may be a form of pollution ...

separate your laundry

A simple guide to separating laundry

When it comes to washing, many of us just look at our laundry basket (if the clothes even made it that far) with just one ...

golf clothes

How to wash your golf clothes properly

While outfits for rough-and-tumble sports such as football and rugby are no stranger to getting washed over and over again with regularity, these outfits are ...

gore-tex jacket

Caring for GORE-TEX outerwear: what you need to know

Thanks to having faced restrictions as a result of various lockdowns during the pandemic, many of us have taken opportunities to escape our houses and ...

pet hair

Stop pet hair ruining your washing machine

We all love our furry pets but, let’s face it, they can be a bit of a chore at times. One of those chores we ...

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