Washing Machines, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

How much washing powder

How Much Washing Powder Should I Use

Using a washing machine to do the laundry is an unfortunate fact of life I am afraid, it’s just something we’ve got to do. But ...

White Clothes

How To Wash White Clothes

Washing white clothes is tricky and there’s a lot of false information and old fashion tales out there so knowing what is right isn’t always ...

Bio and Non-bio Laundry Detergents

How Do Biological And Non-Biological Detergents Work

Life is full of choices, isn’t it? Should you take the bus or walk, should you get that shirt it black or white, or should ...

Wash denim in the washing machine on a gentle cycle

Laundry Tips For Jeans – Keep Your Denim Looking Its Best

I am going to make a bet that almost everyone has at least one pair of jeans, let’s face it whatever your interest in fashion ...

Well-maintained washing machine

How To Make Your Washing Machine Last Longer

Washing machines come in a great variety of different makes and models sure compared to some other appliances like cookers there might not seem to ...

How To Unshrink A Sweater

How To Unshrink A Sweater In 5 Easy Steps

We all dread it happening but it’s just a risk we all have to take, your clothes shrinking in the wash is just something that ...

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