Washing Machines, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Washing machines are something you’ll see in the vast majority of households because without them well let’s just say it wouldn’t be pleasant! But washing machines are complex appliances that seem deceptively simple.

You put washing powder in, turn a dial and press a button and it’s job done right? Well if everything is working correctly then in most cases that’s all you will need to do but when things don’t work correctly what do you do then?

What makes washing machines so troublesome is that when they do break down many people simply don’t know what to do. Which is why you should call in the Repair Aid team if this ever happens to you or at the very least check out our articles below.

We’ve compiled a group of helpful guides and articles that outline a wide range of advice and tips for washing machines.

Remember our guides/ articles below are simply for advice and handy tips if you’re experiencing a problem and are unsure about what to do the best move will be to call in our helpful, experienced, professional repair team. Washing machines are complex but essential appliances so when they don’t work we can help.

how to wash linen

How To Wash Linen

Linen is a very versatile material that has plenty of benefits. High-Quality linen is very strong and in many ways, it can look after itself. ...

keep you and your clothes safe during the pandemic

How to wash your clothes during the coronavirus pandemic

As the words ‘COVID-19’ and ‘coronavirus’ are going to be part of our vocabulary for quite some time to come, we all need to live ...

hide a washing machine in a bathroom

Creative Ways To Hide A Washing Machine

Every home needs a washing machine, doesn’t it? Well if not everyone home I think it’s fair to say the vast majority do. Once you ...

how to wash silk

How To Wash Silk

Silk is one of those materials that have a reputation. Now that might sound like a bad thing and for some materials, it might be ...

Christmas stockings

How to properly wash your Christmas decorations

With Christmas and the holiday season just around the corner, it’s getting close to the time where you’ll have to be pulling out all of ...

washing machine in the kitchen

Where should you put your washing machine

For many of us, washing machines are a ubiquitous feature of kitchens up and down the country. However, in other countries, the idea of having ...

laundry bin

Is It Okay To Use Your Washing Machine As A Dirty Laundry Bin

When it comes to shedding our dirty laundry, some of us have a habit of making our washing machine our go-to destination for dumping clothes ...

how we install washing machines

How We Install Washing Machines For Our Clients

Washing machines are complicated appliances which is why when it comes to installing one most people will opt to get a professional to do it ...

separate or combo machines

Should you Have a Washer-Dryer Combo or Separate Machines?

When trying to figure out the right kind of combination of machines for your home, you’ll come across many options and ways of doing things. ...

Too Much Foam In The Washing Machine

How To Stop Too Much Foam In The Washing Machine

Too much foam in the washing machine can be a great inconvenience. For example, the foam may start to seep out of the dispenser drawer ...

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