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Repair Aid employs expert Bosch appliance repair engineers, offering comprehensive out-of-warranty repair services. We are one of the largest independent appliance servicing companies in the UK, providing exceptional repair and maintenance services for a wide range of Bosch appliances.

Repair Aid – Your Independent Bosch Appliance Repair Company

Here at Repair Aid we provide service and spares for all Bosch domestic appliances, including dishwashers, washing machines, ovens and more, whether the warranty has expired or not. With parts availability at out fingertips we are able to provide speedy same day service in and around London at no additional cost to the consumer.

Repair Aid qualified engineers and technicians are extensively trained and continue with professional development while they are employed with us. This enables us to provide repairmen that are familiar with the Bosch brand, its trends and innovations.

Our recognised in house training means that you won’t get yesterday’s engineer looking at tomorrow’s appliance. Naturally all our work comes with 1 year service guarantee.

Your Bosch engineers will exclusively use genuine parts, ensuring that the repairs are not only long-lasting but also fully effective. Any required parts are charged separately. However, our technicians carry a wide range of parts with them to minimise the need for a return visit. In the rare event that the required part is unavailable, they will promptly order it and return at a time convenient for you.

Bosch appliance repair services we offer:

You can book with us as either a domestic or commercial client. Why invest in a new Bosch appliance when we can repair your faulty one? Whether you need your Bosch washing machine repaired at home or your Bosch dishwasher fixed in your office, call Repair Aid, and we’ll send an expert technician to get the job done promptly and efficiently.

A brand that touches every moment

Originating from humble beginnings in Stuttgart, Germany before the turn of the 20th century, Bosch has evolved into a renowned global brand. Robert Bosch its founder could not have possibly imagined the scope of reach and influence this company would one day enjoy.

Bosch has development and manufacturing interests in almost every corner of life from home appliances to power tools all the way to mechanical and motorised parts used in cars and aircraft.

Despite having their business crippled by two world wars, it is probably the company’s reputation for liberal politics and social responsibility that has ultimately led to its dominant place in the global manufacturing space. Today when a house goes up for sale and the inventory includes Bosch integrated appliances, a quicker sale is almost certainly assured.


Whether the appliances are for cooking or refrigerating food, washing dishes or doing laundry, Bosch has them all covered. Matching the innovative capacity of all the other manufacturers Bosch has a history of creative development since their inception. Leading the way with concepts such as Home connect that enables you to check what’s in the fridge or to turn on your appliances while away from home, the future truly has arrived for the owner of a Bosch appliance.

Incorporating scientific knowledge into machine function has been a core research and development policy from the start and it is still evident in technologies they use in their machines such as Active Oxygen (cleaning using additional oxygen) and i-Dos (dosing by sensor).


In the same way that other manufacturers offer integral, freestanding, compact and standard dishwashers, Bosch appliances have their unique selling points in the same range groups. Their compact range rather than competing with the slimline ranges from other manufacturers are the perfect table top appliances for small households.

Bosch has had a mission to reduce the impact on the environment and consequently their dishwashers use less water and complete the job faster. Also notable is that the notoriously noisy dishwasher, when manufactured by Bosch is remarkably quieter.

Fridges and Freezers

The no frost freezers that define the food cooling range are possibly Bosch’s pride and joy. Frost free freezers mean that food doesn’t get damp and bruised on the freezing process. Cleaning and maintaining the appliances becomes much easier too and of course being free of frost increases their longevity, making the investment even more worthwhile.

Assembled with the user in mind, the shelves tilt toward the user making it much easier to store food and establish what is in fact in the fridge. It’s the little design features that ass to the comfort of the user, making these appliances the heart’s desire of those who shop in store for these products.

Washing Machines

Introducing the concept of the quieter machine in dishwashing has overlapped with the latest in washing machine technology. Offering machines that are significantly quieter however is only the start. Our grandparent’s generation could not have imagined a washing machine that could sense the level of dirt in the load and thus manage detergent quantities.

Yet Bosch has brought this to our homes as part of the natural evolution of home appliance technology. Progressively our machines have use less water thus reducing waste and considering environmental concerns. Bosch has perfected this. Additionally, with Eco wash settings Bosch’s modern machines are designed to take us into a greener future.

Tumble Dryers

Bosch simply don’t manufacture tumble dryers, they manufacture excellent tumble dryers. Whether you opt for a vented, a condenser or a heat pump dryer from their range, you will not be disappointed. If you thought all the bells and whistles of the other machines were great, wait until you meet their top tumble dryers. They clean themselves. The housewife’s dream. Apart from the increased efficiency that comes with the aforementioned evolution, these machines are ahead of their time.

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