With years of experience, Repair Aid has been built on a reputation of skilful application, fair pricing and terrific customer service.

Our Trusted Brand

Repair Aid is your first-response team to call when you have an issue with your kitchen appliances at home or your business. If your appliance suffers a breakdown or has an issue, we are confident that we can come to your assistance quickly and are proud to have a 99% success rate for first-time repairs.

Problem with your appliances?

Our brand - Repair Aid

Whether at home or in the workplace, we rely on our washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridge/freezers and electric ovens. If any home appliances break down or stop performing at their best, then it can be hugely stressful. When failures occur, it can quickly impact home life, being extremely inconvenient on your time and finances.

When a breakdown occurs outside the warranty period, it can be hugely distressing. Not only can it be incredibly restricting but the cost of replacing the appliance can be inhibiting. As well as the cost, the time to wait for a new appliance to be delivered is often unacceptable. When you have a breakdown in the home, you need it to be solved as soon as possible, so there is the least amount of hassle for you and your home or business.

Get back to normal, quickly

We know how difficult life can be when things aren’t working when you need them too, which is why we set up Repair Aid London Ltd. Repair Aid is an appliance repair company operating across London. Our team of qualified engineers work across London to fix domestic and commercial kitchen appliances, to keep them running smoothly and lasting longer. With our repair and maintenance service, we save our customers time and money and keep the disruption to a minimum.

We realised that in order to make life in the kitchen easier, our customers needed three things

  1. Locally based engineers, who know the area and can build relationships
  2. A timely response
  3. Extensive knowledge and impressive skills.

Serving clients across London

We have an extensive team of engineers across London so that we can serve customers across the area and what’s more, having a team spread throughout London means that our engineers can get to our clients quickly so that we can solve the issue and get your home running like clockwork again.

When you call Repair Aid, we will find the engineer that is local to you, they know their area base well and will sure to get to you on time and with ease. Having a team spread across London means that we can get attend call-outs quicker than our competitors, and in some cases, even attend on the very same day that you call.

Our employees stay focused on their area, which means if you use our services again, you are likely to receive the same engineer that you can trust and rely on. It helps us to build that connection with you and feel that we’re always on hand, whenever you need us.

Local team, quick response

We aim to get to you as soon as possible, or when is convenient to you. To keep you in the loop, our engineers will give you a call at least 30 minutes before we will arrive at your home or business. This helps you to plan your time most effectively; we won’t keep you waiting in all day.

While we aim to get to you the same day or the next day, we won’t charge additional fees for the same day repair. What’s more, because your engineer is locally based you won’t receive a call-out fee, or have to pay for car parking or the congestion charge. All you pay for is the repair itself.

Any brand, any model

Our highly-trained engineers are experts in all types of kitchen appliances and have experience repairing a wide variety of brands. We pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of many makes and models; it helps us diagnose the issue quickly and give you a high-quality repair with confidence.

All of our employees receive regular and extensive training. Our engineers are constantly increasing their knowledge across many brands, styles and always keeping up to date with the latest technologies so that we are well-equipped to tackle any problem that you are facing.

Our training also focusses on the quality of repair, so that when we fix your appliance, we have done it to the highest standards possible. We’re so confident in our work that we offer a one-year guarantee on all of our repairs. If anything goes wrong with your repair, you can call us out, and we’ll be there to fix the issue free of charge.

Getting it right, first time

We have helped many customers across London, and we wear our 99% first-time success rate like a badge of honour. We are passionate about what we do and love to go above and beyond so that you’ll use us whenever you have an appliance issue. Unlike competitors with restricted hours, we work six days a week to give you an appointment that works for you.

Trusted and recognised

Repair Aid® is a registered trademark of Repair Aid London Ltd. As we’re proud of the service we offer, our brand is important to us. We want to be instantly recognised and your go-to contact for any kitchen appliance problems. You can see our distinctive typeface and bold blue and red brand colours across our whole service, from uniforms to signed vans, our website to ID badge.

With our brand becoming synonymous with excellent service, we want to stand out and be noticed, for all of the right reasons. This also builds a sense of trust for our customers as they recognise our engineers from the moment they open the door.

Personalised service

Personalised service

While our exemplary repairs are guaranteed for a year, we care about each and every problem, which is why we record every visit on our customer database. This ensures a robust tracking system so that we will have an idea of the problems your appliances have had before and any servicing they need.

We have invested heavily in our state of the art Customer Relationship Management system so that we can accurately log all bookings to avoid any mix-ups and keep a meticulous note of all call-outs for our clients. This means that when we visit you, you receive a personalised service and your engineer will have the background knowledge from previous visits to help speed up repair times and give you peace of mind in our work.

If you have an appliance on the blink, then get in touch with us to arrange an appointment with one of our trusted and experienced engineers. We’ll help your home get back up and running again quickly.

Major Appliance Brands We Repair