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Repair Aid – Independent Samsung™ Appliance Repair Company

Samsung products are unique and therefore when something goes wrong you will need an experienced and knowledgeable repairman to have a look at it. Here at Repair Aid, our engineers and technicians are trained inhouse even after they have received formal qualifications. This means that they remain up to date as technologies change.

You can rest assured that the engineer that comes out to repair or service your machine has had training in your product and is familiar with its unique features. Repair Aid service includes same day call outs and we offer one year guarantee on the repair work we do.

Here at Repair Aid, we service all large integrated and freestanding Samsung appliances including:

  • washing machines
  • tumble dryers
  • washer-dryers
  • single ovens and compact ovens
  • cooker hoods and cooker hoods
  • refrigerators
  • multi-door fridge freezers
  • American style fridge freezers

About Samsung – Asian expertise

Samsung is the South East Asian answer to Bosch and Siemens. From humble beginnings as a trading company in 1938, it has grown into a global conglomerate. Started by Lee Byung-Chul, it has diversified into multiple areas, which today aside from electronics and home appliances includes software and life insurance and aerospace. Samsung together with its affiliate companies is today responsible for about a fifth of South Koreas exports.

Samsung’s rise to fame happened in the 1990s when they became a highly visible industry competitor and the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer. Despite their appliance business only being a small fraction of their overall trading activity, they manufacture and distribute domestic appliance on a large scale.

Samsung™ bring innovative technology to the home in the same way that Siemens and Bosch do.


With innovative development Samsung™ have introduced concepts such as Waterwall™ and Zonebooster™ in their dishwashing machines bringing new ideas to how things should be done. Yet again rather than duplicating what their competitors do, they have come up with some wonderful innovations of their own.

Their cookers are now manufactured to include virtual flame technology which tells you how hot each plate is using LED lighting.

Have you ever loaded the washing machine only to discover five minutes later that you forgot to add a sock or that important dinner shirt? With Samsung™, you can now add to the load while it was washing without interrupting the machine. No need to wait for a new wash.


Samsung™ are noted for their creativity and doing things their own way. When it comes to washing dishes, they are no different. Having introduced Waterwall™ technology they ensure that everything in the machine is washed properly. Together with Zonebooster™ which ensures that even those difficult to reach parts of the pots and pans are washed these two technologies guarantee a clean was.

What’s more the sensitive design such as flexitray and flexiglass enabling you to access glassware and cutlery easily after a wash.

Their machines rating high in term of energy consumption seem to manage doing what their competitors do. Just better.

Fridges and Freezers

Temperature control is currently the big draw for people buying cooling products. Samsung™ have perfected their cooling system by developing three cooling zones in the fridge. This means that foods that perish quicker can be placed in the cooler zones increasing the shelf life even further.

Samsung refrigerator owners no longer have the excuse that they forgot the shopping list behind. Their top range models have a touchscreen that is Wi-Fi enabled. Families can connect and check what needs to be replaced before they get home. With access to recipes and the capacity to check whether you have the ingredients for your next meal, you can also check the weather or do almost anything you can use your smartphone for.

Of course, there are built in and integrated models, standalone models, large American fridges and fridge freezer combinations as well as smaller and slimline models for the tighter fitting kitchen. With very few exceptions if Samsung™ doesn’t do it, it simply doesn’t exist.

Washing Machines

The idea that Samsung™ came up with such a simple solution to a complex problem first isn’t unusual. Adding the odd sock or the missing top the laundry in the machine once the wash as started has been something homemakers have been wanting to do for a very long time. And Samsung™ have made it easy. Combines with Smart technology, where devices can be remote controlled from anywhere, their washing machines are now delivered with innovation that has not yet been seen elsewhere.

Ecobubble™ is a technology that mixes oxygen, water and detergent that penetrates the contents of the machine up to 40 percent faster creating a cleaner wash, quicker. The economic impact is obvious as is the environmental one. So, for a clean. and mean washing machine, Samsung is the brand to deliver.

Tumble Dryers

With a range of tumble dryers that can hold up to 9kg in capacity Samsung™ have definitely not veered off course. Quieter machines that can be checked on from the comfort of your sofa mean a little more time to relax. Communicating with machines was once the realm of sci-fi writers and today it is perfectly possible if not something many people are doing at home. By owning multiple Samsung™ appliances you can communicate with your automated home, anytime, anywhere right down to asking how dry your clothes are.

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