Tumble Dryers, tips and advice from the Repair Aid experts

Tumble dryers are becoming more and more common every year after all with the UK’s summers can we really afford to just rely on our washing lines? I think most of us will agree that isn’t really an option which means a tumble dryer is the way to go.

Tumble dryers come in many forms and they are incredibly useful appliances, some are even washing machine hybrids that can both wash and then dry clothes.

Because of the heat they generate tumble dryers are very different from washing machines and other similar appliances and require some further education if you want to use them properly and safely.

So, always read your tumble dryers manual so you know how it works and along with that manual you should read the guides and articles we have listed below. We are always adding new guides and blogs so you can stay up to date with all the advice and helpful tips you need to know.

While our guides and articles are sure to be very helpful and informative if you tumble dryer isn’t working correctly then it will always be the better option to call in one our professional repair technicians instead.

tumble dryer sheets

How tumble dryer sheets actually work

There are a lot of things in life we just do without even thinking about why we do them. Often we develop these habits (or ...

hypoallergenic dryer balls

What Do Tumble Dryer Balls Do

Dryer balls have been around for the longest time, but they’ve recently become incredibly popular – ever since one brand of wool dryer balls received ...

Hotpoint Active Care tumble dryer

All You Need To Know About Hotpoint’s New Active Tumble Dryers

Hotpoint is renowned all around the world for the quality of its household appliances – and the brand is looking to continue that trend into ...

Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

What Is A Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

Tumble dryers have become far more important in recent years as more and more people live in permanent homes that don’t have much space – ...

What are the costs of running a tumble dryer?

Are Tumble Dryers Expensive To Run In The UK?

We all know that tumble dryers are hardly the most efficient of home appliances. After all, they use up a lot of energy and can ...

lint on clothes

How To Get Rid Of Lint On Your Clothes

If you need a lint roller every time you take your clothes out of the dryer, then it may be time to take action on ...

prevent a tumble dryer fire

5 Ways To Prevent A Tumble Dryer Fire

While we don’t always think it, we’re thankful to have tumble dryers in our lives. They help us clean and dry our clothes in no ...

5 tumble dryer mistakes

Five Everyday Mistakes That Are Harming Your Tumble Dryer

When it comes to rather tedious, everyday chores – such as putting on a load of washing, cleaning the dishes or putting stuff in the ...


How To Dry Wool Sweaters, Duvets And Other Unconventional Fabrics

Much like with their sibling, the washing machine, dryers are often victims of being over-loaded with all manner of fabrics and clothing items. And, like ...


How do I get rid of static in my dryer

Static in your tumble dryer can be incredibly annoying. It can make all of your clothes stick together, causing embarrassing incidents when clean pants fall ...

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