Are Dehumidifiers Good For Drying Clothes

Dehumidifiers have a very split opinion when it comes to the public. Some people love them and claim that they can be literally life-changing while others believe them to be a waste of time and money. However, dehumidifiers are getting a growing fanbase when it comes to something a little more unexpected and that is their ability to dry clothes.

So, can a dehumidifier dry clothes? The answer is yes, well kind of in a manner of speaking. Yes I know that’s not exactly a straight answer but before we look at dehumidifiers value when it comes to drying clothes it’s important we look at how they work and what they do.

What Do Dehumidifiers Do?

Dehumidifiers as the name might hint towards reduce and help maintain certain levels of humidity in the air. They can help make places more hospitable and comfortable while also helping reduce nasty odours and preventing mildew growth.

Using a dehumidifier can also promote a healthier environment as well which can be a big help when it comes to tackling issues like allergies. A dehumidifier can’t cure allergies but it can make your home environment a lot more comfortable.

So, dehumidifiers do actually have a lot of support behind them and they can make a big difference to how hospitable your home environment is. This unique attribute of dehumidifiers is what makes them useful when it comes to drying clothes.

How Can Dehumidifiers Help When It Comes To Drying Clothes?

So, how can dehumidifiers help when it comes to drying clothes then? Well, dehumidifiers can be used to create a more hospitable environment indoors, so if you are drying clothes inside then a dehumidifier will be very helpful.

Now drying clothes indoors is not going to be many people’s first choice is it? But the fact of the matter is many people will have no other options. If you don’t have a garden then you can’t really have a washing line, can you?

drying clothes indoors

If you don’t have a tumble dryer and can’t accommodate one you will still need to dry your clothes. People in apartments also typically have to dry their clothes indoors as well and many of us even if we have a washing line will need to do the same during the Winter.

But while hanging up your clothes indoors is easy with a clothes maiden/ airer the wet clothes can cause problems. The evaporating moisture from the clothes can lead to issues with mould, increasing levels of condensation and much more.

People with respiratory issues like Asthma will be more negatively affected but it won’t do anyone much good if they are exposed to it for too long. But at the same time, it might be the only way you can really dry your clothes. However, as you might have guessed a dehumidifier can help combat a lot of these problems.

A dehumidifier will actively remove moisture from the air to make things more hospitable. By having a dehumidifier set up in the room where the clothes are hanging to dry you can tackle the moisture right away. So, a dehumidifier effectively tackles the biggest potential problem that comes with drying your clothes indoors.

By removing the moisture and creating a more suitable and comfortable environment you can dry your clothes indoors with running the risk of getting ill or promoting mould growth. So, yes in many ways a dehumidifier is a wise investment when it comes to drying clothes and they can actually help you do it under certain circumstances.

Dehumidifier Laundry Settings

Dehumidifier Laundry Settings

Some dehumidifier manufacturers have been quick to capitalise on this because some feature laundry settings for this very reason. These settings are designed to help create ideal drying conditions so clothes of any kind can be dried more effectively indoors.

Some manufacturers have also claimed that dehumidifiers, when used in this manner, can be more effective than tumble dryers because they are more gentle on clothes. While this is true because dehumidifiers don’t use heat to dry clothes it’s also true that in the majority of cases a tumble dryer will be faster.

Although dehumidifiers aren’t going to run the risk of damaging/ shrinking clothes either and are going to be a lot less impactful when it comes to your energy bills. So, there are notable pros and cons to both options.

But if we put that aside, for now, there is certainly no reason you can’t utilise a dehumidifier from drying your clothes and it could be especially useful during the winter months. Yes, it might not be the most effective way or the fastest but it can work and is surprisingly easy to set up and use. So, if you have a dehumidifier already or have been thinking of getting one you can add drying clothes to its list of benefits.

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